stylish summer 2016

Full Denim, backless dress with sandals … is trendy outfits in this summer.

1-11 style stylish summer 2016

Bra-top sports wear pants culottes together, sandals sunk minimalist style is one of the types of coordination helps people to express individuality.

2-11 style stylish summer 2016

Maxi dress is an indispensable item for every summer. Please choose the dress color, coordinate with glass mirrors, sandals sunk that you stand out on the street.

3-11 style stylish summer 2016

Denim shirt is one of this summer. A word skirt combination, choker or scarf round the neck close to the 1970s style sneakers Area is suggested priorities for this summer.

4-11 style stylish summer 2016

The girls love boho style can choose to wear harem pants with jacket under shoulder. High heels will be help polite.

5-11 style stylish summer 2016

Coordinating shirt with striped midi skirt, sandals sunk help the wearer exudes generosity.

6-11 style stylish summer 2016

Those lazy select distribution map associated body skirt letter A 1960s design, lateral force more shirts to make quality high street fashion. Add glasses and pocket a small box, you already own a sophisticated.

7-11 style stylish summer 2016

Hot summer day is an opportunity for backless dresses. Design highlights which should you just pick a style sandals come.

8-11 style stylish summer 2016

Crop-top shirt combines high leggings legs pencil skirt is recommended for girls who love sexy.

9-11 style stylish summer 2016

Also, crop-top can be worn with leggings denim pants high bread shoes, sports shoes to create looks stronger.

10-11 style stylish summer 2016

This summer also saw the rise of vintage trend with leather accessories. You can try wearing skirts smooth lip color associated body, accompanied by leather bags and shoes in sync.

11-11 style stylish summer 2016

Wearing denim whole “tree” continued to be the keywords of this summer’s highlights. Those girls personality can go sneakers, baseball hats. Conversely feminine girls should choose high heels rough soles, simple style handbags.