12 magazine covers most controversial fashion

Every action, the characters on a magazine cover is to pay close attention because they strongly influence the thinking and attitudes of the people.


Controversial topics most recently Vogue cover photo of May 4/2014 with the participation of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Anna Wintour editor in that these are two influential figures and represent the world today, so they deserve to be on the cover of Vogue. However, some people do not believe in this explanation. They said that Kanye West has used the relationship to take the situation on magazine covers. Even, many readers also threatened to boycott if the magazine does not change characters on the cover. Expressing his attitude before this, Naomi Campbell just smiled.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 1

Another magazine cover spring-summer 2013 with the participation of actress Michelle Williams. Photos Caucasian woman dressed as the ancient Indian tribe in the United States was criticized for being racist.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 2

Cover Vogue Hommes International autumn-winter 2012 was condemned as a grave tone cheer for domestic violence victims. Many campaigns have taken place in order to request Condé Nast publishing group to be recovered. The number of times that the cover, photographed by Terry Richardson performed with Stephanie Seymour and Marlon model Teixiera.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 3

Vogue launched after the May 9/2012 encounter many readers condemnation. After discovering the scenes video for Lady Gaga photographed this magazine, criticized grave tone Vogue photo editing too far causing the body of the singer becomes a far cry from reality.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 4

In 2011, the photographer Steven Meisel fashion that seething when shooting for Vogue Italy cover picture of his 9 months with the participation of Stella Tennant models. This long legs wearing a Prada dress with a pattern knotted waist corset made two “shrink” to just 33 cm. Explain that this picture inspired by Ethel Granger – woman with the smallest waist group performed the world but still have not received back at criticism. Many people believe that the negative impact image to think of the women on beauty standards.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 5

W 3/2012 of months more people are welcome to read with the arrival of Kate Moss. However, shortly after being released, the magazine has received many critics because to supermodel dressed as Mary the cover and photographed in a compromising position with the content inside.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 6

Dazed & Confused magazine 9/2012 of months creating major controversy when released images singer Azealia Banks sensitive posing with condoms. Shortly thereafter, the magazine was banned released in 7 countries because too vulgar

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 7

Elle Brazil some months been Coco Rocha complained 5/2012 for photoshop too far makes her body look like taking nude. Meanwhile, the implementation of this cover photo, model wears a tight-fitting outfit who penetrated. Coco Rocha said she had never taken nude or semi-nude ever and editing of Elle Brazil shocking that long legs “extremely disappointing”.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 8

Elle Cover No. 10/2010 severely condemned edit face of actress Gabourey Sidibe brighter than normal.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 9

Vogue magazine cover of January 4/2008 with the arrival of the famous basketball player Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen supermodel. Besides the compliment, the fashion magazine also criticized as racist because Lebron James to show up as a black person in danger. Even, many people compare this basketball player character is like King Kong is holding beauties.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 10

Cover W No. 11/2010 shocking with Kim Kardashian nude pictures completely. While Barbara Kruger, artists perform a cover photo, that photo shows, some feminists who argue that it is too erotic and disturbing.

12 magazine covers most controversial fashion 11

One of the famous nude photograph the most controversial is the cover of Vanity month 8/1991 of a female photographer Annie Leibovitz famous actress Demi Moore and implementation. At that time, created a magazine cover this huge wave of controversy about this is art or pornography. Until now, it has become a symbol of the picture during the past two decades.