1. A-line skirt and sunglasses :

Form A-line discreet skirt and sunglasses help the girls become more attractive to either walk around or office.

Ways to mix simple and beautiful clothes for summer 2016

  1. Off – shoulder and skirt :

Look for ways to make the off – shoulder become different for summer days, and why not choose a fancy skirt truth?

15 ways to mix simple and beautiful clothes for summer 2016-2

15 ways to mix simple and beautiful clothes for summer 2016-3

  1. Croptop and baggy

A stylish crop-top combine with baggy is a comfortable set of clothes for the summer that every girl can apply

Croptop and baggy

Croptop and baggy-2

  1. Leather skirt and short-sleeved shirt

This set of clothes entirely possible to be wear go to the office without encountering any complains

Leather skirt and short-sleeved shirt

Leather skirt and short-sleeved shirt-2

  1. Overall

Overalls and pictures naughty young girl, do you want to try?



  1. Maxi dress and warrior sandal

Maxi dress is indispensable in summer and refresh your style with impressive warrior sandals.

Maxi dress and warrior sandal

  1. T-shirt and fringe skirt

Numerous articles show you how to wear fringe so beautifully, in fact, just a simple T-shirt is enough.

T-shirt and fringe skirt

  1. Camisole and culottes pants

Undeniably about the hotness of this clothes mix. During the summer, ladies everywhere seem crazy because camisole shirt and culottes pants.

Camisole and culottes pants

  1. Boxy dress

Let’s make a difference than others, boxy skirts is an answer for the summer of fashion followers

Boxy dress

  1. Elongated shirts and shorts

The classic mix  , but always nice when summer came.

Elongated shirts and shorts

  1. White shirt + ripped jeans

Does any girl not have at least a ripped jeans and a white shirt in the closet?White shirt and ripped jeans

  1. White on white

Luxury and elegance is a reason why the tendency to mix both white clothes still never out of fashion.

White on white

White on white2

  1. One beautiful jumpsuit

Because you are not always has occasion to wear a jumpsuit, so let’s pick a beautiful one to whether you are chatting with your friends on the street, you are still very personality.

One beautiful jumpsuit

  1. Suit up

Menswear style is your inspiration? If not, try the vest or waistcoat + pants to create the unusual.

Suit up

  1. Body pastel dress

Pastel dresses suitable for all ages and all circumstances

Body pastel dress