Most of the women do not prefer leaving home without having at least three or four shades of lipstick in their purse. This is because you never know when you are going to need a quick touchup. If you think you have no idea what lipstick shades you must have then keep reading as following are some of the shades you must have as they are life savers for any kind of wardrobe. Don’t forget to check out some classic examples of lipstick shades at the end.

Lipstick 29

  1. Red:

This is the most obvious one. Nothing looks more attractive than the sexy red lipstick. There are a lot of shades of red available now so in order to choose which one is best for you, you have to try them. If you are not the daring type, then simply stick to the dark shade of red as it never fails to make you look edgy.

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  1. Nude:

Nude shades are something that are not enough if bought only one. Different types of nudes have different look on different women. When it comes to nude, women mostly think it’s the shade that matches the skin which is not right. It depends upon the undertones of the skin. The best choices for nudes will be beige, lean pink or mauve. If you have fair skin, then go for the shades of peach pink whereas for darker skin tones, there are more options of lighter and darker nude shades.


  1. Clear Gloss:

Whether you wear it as a shiner to matte colors or you simply apply it on the lips, a clear gloss shade is a must. One good tip is to choose a formula which is non sticky and has moisturizing ingredients.

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  1. Modified Your Lip Shade:

If you want an offset natural look then a shade a little brighter or deeper than the actual lip color is the best choice. These types of colors include the shades of pink or mauve. One great option to find out the best shade resembling to your lip is to match the lipstick shade with the inside of the lip. The difference between these shades and the nudes is that these shades should look more natural.

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  1. Plum Or Berry:

This is another very interesting shade women must have. Before getting the perfect one make sure you try the different shades.  Though darker shades are a little risky to choose, you can never go wrong with the purplish and rich red shades. This is because they are super attractive.

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These are some shades you must have for any kind of occasion. Have a look at some of the examples mentioned below.

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