Scarves are something that can be great for summers. You can wear them at any time and at any place. You cannot wear them only in winters to keep yourself warm but they can also be worn in summers in a stylish way. Let’s have a look at some of the different ways you can wear your favorite scarf in summers. Also have a look at some of the examples of wearing scarf at the end.

Scarf In Summer 15

As A Jacket:

There are some nights in summers where temperature drops suddenly. For such nights, use your favorite scarf to keep you warm. Make sure you have the scarf in your handbag when you are leaving for a night out. This is no doubt an amazing and cool way to wear your scarf. Simply wrap it around your body and hold the edges around your arms.

As A Skirt:

Getting late for a meet up with your friend? Don’t worry if you do not have time to choose the right skirt. Simply grab a scarf and wrap it in a stylish way around your waist. Tie a chick knot at either the right or left side of your waist and you are good to go. Choose and adjust the length according to the occasion.

As A Bag:

You can take help from your scarf if you are not in a mood to grab your bag with you. Simply turn your scarf into a purse and tie a knot to make a loop to hold it on your shoulder. Don’t worry about the security of your stuff as this will keep your stuff safe and will look perfect too.

As A Turban:

Having a bad hair day? How about giving your favorite scarf a chance to cover it up for you in a stylish way? A scarf looks perfect if you wear it as a turban. Simply tie your scarf around your head covering all your hair and securing it with a know or pin.

As a Belt

Make a stylish slim belt out of your scarf by folding it. It might not help well in holding your jeans but will definitely add glamour to your style. Tie a know in the middle of your waist or at the sides to complete the look.

These are some of the ways you can wear your scarf in summers. For more ideas, have a look at some beautiful examples mentioned below.

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