Ripped jeans are considered as one of the best casual outfits for every season. If you like having polished and chic look then avoid wearing the distressed jeans but for a chic street look, have a look at some of the amazing and stylish ways to wear distressed or ripped jeans. Don’t forget to have a look at some of the stylish examples of ripped jeans and its related outfits at the end.

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1. Feminine Tops:


If you are interested in adding a touch of femininity to your overall look then wear your distressed jeans with dressy tops. You can also go for feminine ones but choosing dressy tops will easily turn your jeans into a nice feminine outfit. Knit-off shoulder tops, silk blouses and printed button-downs are some of the choices that can go well with the ripped jeans and will easily add feminine touch to your look.

2. Stick To Skinny:

Avoid wearing slouchy jeans that have tears and rips in it. If you are still willing to wear them, then make sure you do not wear any other slouchy pieces as this will make you look fat. Go for fitted tops with ripped jeans to make them look more intentional. If you want a denim on denim look, then try a chambray shirt with ripped jeans. Make sure the fabric is light or will look heavy.

3. Keep It Simple:

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If you think that too many rips and tears are not your thing then start off with something basic. You can go for subtle washes and few rips for a cute look such as the light blue, black or navy color. Pair them with basic tank top or a simple graphic tee for a youthful look.

4. Polished Look:

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Wearing a leather jacket, trench coat or a blazer with ripped jeans can easily give you a polished look. Leather is always lavishing so if you searching for a way to look cool and classy at the same time, then pair your leather jacket or vest with ripped jeans and you are done.

These are some of the simple and stylish ways to wear your ripped jeans. Remember that ripped jeans are not an office going outfit so make sure you wear it on casual occasions such as a walk in the street or a hangout with friends. Have a look at some of the examples of ripped jeans and outfits associated with it for inspiration.

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