Smart Phones and Social media has changed our day to day life and transforming everything like an new world order. We post every single thing we do in a day on social media like minute to minute reporting of any world event. The most shared photos on social media are “selfie” or “self-portrait” – With commercials of beauty products, for both men and women, constantly aggravating our body image issues and social media championing narcissism with endless self-involved updates, posts, photos taken on vacation and videos taken in the shower – the selfie is the ideal tool for the young to tell the world that it indeed revolves around them.

How ‘selfie’ go viral on social media?

First of all on social media the most important thing is yourself, friends and followers, who first like and share your sharing then it goes viral if it has something new, funny or inspiring aspect in it – mostly this type of option stands for celebrities, politicians, sportsman etc. Second thing is location: As friends want to see where you have been and any real estate agent will tell you the importance of a good location.Third thing is occasional selfie photos taken inside the bedroom, bathroom, eating, flying kisses, splashing water in the bathtub like a lunatic. These days almost on daily basis all news-papers are having articles about celebrity Selfies and not to forgot the most talked selfie of President Obama with Danish Prime Minister’s fun as wife makes ‘the face’ and Expedition 32 flight engineer, uses a digital still camera to expose a photo of his helmet visor during the mission’s third session of extravehicular activity (EVA).

Looks & expression: As celebrity selfies go, actress Meryl Streep and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clearly had a lot of fun trying to figure out perfect angle to shoot a selfie on Streep’s iPhone. Fun is the operational word in self-portraits and don’t let Van Gogh tell you otherwise. A joyous selfie with a proper filter, lighting and correct angle will beat a staid photograph any day.

zedd - Alluring Female Selfies

Zedd by Emzamara

Resting beauty Alluring Female Selfies

Resting Beauty by Slawa

Alluring Female Selfies

That View!!! by itchy007

Shoot Alluring Female Selfies

Shoot by Slawa

The photobomb: Beyonce photobomb is now part of selfie history. But friends, celebrities, events, animals and other inadvertent distractions photo-bombing your selfies can make it go viral. Fans have often done it to celebrities, and now stars are striking back – often with each other.

Me Goofin Alluring Female Selfies

Me Goofin by CaesarDigital

Funny selfies: A father took a series of self-portraits with his newborn daughter pulling identical funny faces. The photos went viral after he posted the pictures on his Facebook page. The pictures are priceless and will be the toast of the world of baby photos. The point of a selfie is to not take yourself too seriously while posting it. Kardashian’s pout or Bieber’s raised eyebrows – having fun with a selfie is the key to float it wider on social media. This is where your childhood talent of pulling impossible faces at your sibling will come in handy.

good_morning Alluring Female Selfies

Good morning by Slawa

Something New: A selfie is a great way to show something new to world via social media, which can be a new tattoo, a strange haircut or your toned abs. Celebrities, Rich and Popular whenever get something new from cloths to hairstyle, they put Selfies on Social media and it creates a buzz for much discussion for months. Beyonce posted a photo of her pixie cut on Instagram, taking the world by storm.

Do It Alluring Female Selfies

Do It! by Slawa

The Most Sexy Female “Selfie Portraits”

What is the secret behind the widespread fame of the selfie? is originated from two words “SELF” and “IE” but having same meaning myself – Is a photograph taken of oneself, typically one taken with a normal camera and mostly by smartphone or webcam and shared via social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) etc.

Skater girl Alluring Female Selfies

Skater girl by Slawa

Sad Teddy Alluring Female Selfies

Sad Teddy by Slawa

it was about time for a selfie

It was about time for a selfie by Georgya10

Artistic selfies: Artistic Nude, semi-nude selfies and selfies of front and rare-end will make you popular in over-night and everybody will be talking about you around the globe. Kim Kardashian posted a selfie with her face covered in blood during a $1500 vampire facial.

Alluring Female Selfies

Lamb by Emzamara

L.L. III Alluring Female Selfies

L.L. III by jodeviant

That Girl Alluring Female Selfies

That Girlby NurseDVita

Alluring Female Selfies

Selfie by BrazilPlus

legs 4 miles Alluring Female Selfies

LEGS 4 MILES by krisjosef

jessica upside down Alluring Female Selfies

Jessica upside down by Enigma-Fotos

nice view Alluring Female Selfies

Nice View by birthday29

Feel this moment Alluring Female Selfies

Feel this moment by Slawa

Apart from posting our own selfies on social media we check and follow our favorite celebrities selfies as well, recently Popular TV Celebrity Kim, announced plans for a coffee table book of 352 pages full of her some popular and New selfies and I believe many more celebrities will follow here new and interesting ideas to promote themselves too.

Alluring Female Selfies

Self by dumboxxx

Alluring Female Selfies

You know I really love you, by Buy-The-Stars

Alluring Female Selfies

Mg 3158 by null bymouth