Photography started with black and white photos. Earlier, the photographs that were clicked out were in form of black and white colors and some how black and white photos still give most elegant look. Now in recent times with so many innovative brands with so many amazing photographic tools from digital SLR camera’s to smartphones, the colored photography modernized the photography and filmography industry. Now once again, an occasional trend of black and white photography had been set up. I think it is safe to say that most professional photographers are agreed to one point that black and white portraits are visually more elegant, impressive and powerful, if not more powerful than color portraits. This post is a showcase of 50 Stunning Black and white Sexy eMotive Female Portraits.

People are often going for some black and white photographs along with the colored ones. Even the mobile technology had also added the feature of converting colored photograph to black and white. Black and white photographs capture the natural beauty and makes photo look more natural than colored ones in some cases.

Today showcased Sensual Female Portraits are related to the glamour photography and it sub category “Boudoir Photography” and “Emotive Photography” to large extent. Sensual Female Portraits photography is commercial and very popular, mostly it is used magazines and editorials. This type of photography is mostly about object and the object is “Female” models – Who pose sensually to make photograph visually beautiful and sexy as  the focus is on the woman.  Who is being captured in black and white emotive portraits which do a much better job at showing a women’s personality

It is also used in the field of endorsement. It is generally done in studios or at perfect scenery locations. The makeup artists, hair stylists, photographer are present with their team to give adjustments and poses to the woman, who is being captured. These photographs after being clicked goes through the digital touching to make them look more appealing and hot. All the abnormalities in the woman’s body are hidden in this kind of photography.

What needs to have a Perfect B&W Female Portraits

If you wish to click perfect boudoir photographs then you need to set the woman being clicked keeping the following tips in mind.

  • Wardrobe

sensual Sylwia Nowak

It is a bit sensual, emotional and romantic style of photography that has to do too much with dress the woman is wearing and the way she wears it. The most ideal wardrobe for sensual emotive photography is lingerie. Different colored and styled under garments is must. Though you can also go for fully dressed collection. But, you must remember that it is not about nudity. IT is about emotions, romance and sensuality.

  • Pose


The pose of the woman captured in the photographs should be perfect to impress the viewers. A woman must go with the pose suggested by the photographer to her. A good emotive boudoir photographer will know about the perfect poses and the lighting effects necessary in capturing the photographs. It can take out the most sensuous look from the woman, who is not a professional model for glamourous emotive photo shoot. Pose can also give the sexy and appealing look to the woman in photograph.

  • The set

Sylwia Nowak

The type of set is also very important to get perfect boudoir photographs. Generally the romantic sets like that of beach, sea, sunset, springs etc. are preferred to capture the sensual female portrait photographs. The black and white concept technology and proper lighting must be used to given even more romantic look to the portraits.

Tips for Female Model having shoot first time

Here are certain tips for the woman that she needs to follow for her first boudoir photo shoot. Some of them are given here:

  • You should go for tanning treatments before the photo shoot. Your skin should be evenly toned.
  • Do not hurry. The shoots may take time as everything needs to be done perfectly.
  • Do not wear the tight clothes. This may leave few lines on your body that looks bad during the photo-shoot.
  • You should not bring anyone with you during the photo shoot. Your relatives may have objections to several things during the photo shoot. Also, there is no waiting room in the studios.
  • Your nails should be shaped and polished well. These also provide sensuous look to your body.
  • Your hair style must be perfect
  • You should be not afraid of questions asked by the photographers to you.

How to pose for Sensual emotive photography?


The woman, who is not a star and is coming for the first time for photo shoot should not be afraid to pose in front of photographers. Some of the best tips to pose during boudoir photography are:

  • Look cool, brilliant, sexy and appealing during the photography.
  • Do not try some different pose, go with natural poses.
  • Listen what photographers say to you.
  • Do not fear in the front of camera.

Stunning B&W Sensual emotive female Portraits

sensual by zieniu

sensual by zieniu



summer fun

sensual summer fun female portrait


amyblue Sexy eMotive Female Portraits

Petra Tigress

Petra tigress


Sexy eMotive Female Portraits

Morning Star

morning star Sexy eMotive Female Portraits


Katerina Sexy eMotive Female Portraits

Am Alone

am alone Sexy eMotive Female Portraits

 here for long

Sexy eMotive Female Portraits