If you want to adopt a chic style then trying out the purple hues is a great option to try. The hues of purple have become very trendy and a lot of designers are adopting it in different fashion accessories such as the jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc. If you want to make the statement and you like wearing the purple accents, then following are some of the ways you can wear them in style.

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  1. Classic Shoes:

Go for purple or violet hues and bring some grace to your foot wear. Wear your lavender shoes over any outfit to make it stunning. Make sure you do not wear other accessories in bright colors as well as this might dim the hues of purple.

  1. Handbags:

One great way to complete the look is to have a clutch or handbag.  Just give your simple black or white outfit a beautiful and complete look by pairing it with a purple or lavender colored handbag. You can also match the color of the shirt with the bag by opting for the purple top

  1. Scarf And Shawls:

If you want to make your simple and casual outfit chic then a great way to do is to wear a shawl or scarf over it. How about choosing a lavender neckpiece to add some elegant and sophisticated vibe to the outfit? You can opt for blanket scarf, knitted shawl or a bandana scarf in purple hue to give your simple outfit a polished look.

  1. Tops And Blouses:

No matter where you are going, whether it is a party or an office meeting, you can look classy and chic if you go for purple accents for your tops and blouses. For a casual walk across the city, go for a floral top having purple hues and pair them with your favorite skinny jeans are you are done.

  1. Chic Trousers:

Whether you are a fan of skinny jeans or shorts, purple and lavender hues can make you look amazing

  1. Chic Blouses and Tops

Whether you’re a fan of skinny pants or billowy trousers, eggplant accents can make your style elegant. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, team your billowy trousers with a fitted and structured top like a leather jacket or a chambray shirt perfect for casual chic parties. To make your style more casual, opt for a pair of skinny jeans in eggplant accents and top your looks with casual and plain blouses and jackets.

  1. Feminine Skirts

Purple is known to be the noblest color especially in the fabric of silks and satins. So, like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, go for a silk midi skirt and team it with a silk printed top perfect for formal occasions, weddings, dinner dates, as well as bachelorette parties. Just polish your looks with a pair of chic pumps and chic sunglasses that complement your outfit.
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