Espadrilles are something that can be worn in several ways. It basically depends upon the personal taste as well as the design of the shoe. Espadrilles are considered as the outfit of summer but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear it the other times. Following are some of the ways you can wear your favorite pair of espadrilles. Also have a look at some of the examples of stylish espadrilles at the end.

With Dresses And Skirt:

If you want to create a feminine look with the espadrilles then try wearing them with a skirt or a feminine style dress. For summers, show off some of your skin with the help of a sundress or go opposite by pairing your espadrilles with the maxi.

Espadrulles with skirt and dress

espadrilles with skirt and dress 02

espadrilles with skirt and dress 03

espadrilles with skirt and dress 04

espadrilles with skirt and dress 05

With Shorts:

For a casual and cool look, wear your favorite espadrilles with shorts. For wedge or heeled espadrilles, go for the tailored shorts as they look perfect whereas for slip on and flat espadrilles, the shorts that are best matched are the denim ones.

espadrilles with shorts 01

espadrilles with shorts 02

espadrilles with shorts 03

espadrilles with shorts 04

espadrilles with shorts 05

With Trousers:

If you want a cool and edgy look with your espadrilles, then try wearing them with your favorite chinos or trousers. To show off your shoes, make sure your chinos and trousers are above the ankle length. To complete the look, tuck in your top or blouse and you are done.

espadrilles with trousers 01

espadrilles with trousers 03

espadrilles with trousers 04

Dressed Up:

Espadrilles are not only a sign of casual outfit. They can be worn in a stylish manner also. For a polished look, wear your heeled espadrilles with a midi skirt or cropped pants and a chic top. For a classier feel, add on some accessories such as some jewelry and put on a blazer and you are good to go.

dressed up espadrilles 03

dressed up espadrilles 01

dressed up espadrilles 04

dressed up espadrilles 02

dressed up espadrilles 05


Espadrilles are considered as the outfit of summers, so make sure to keep that in mind and try out the colorful espadrilles for a fun and lively look. Pinks and yellows are considered perfect in contrast with the soles made of ropes.

colorful espadrilles 03

colorful espadrilles 04

colorful espadrilles 05

colorful espadrilles 02

colorful espadrilles 01

With Prints:

The trend has changed and people now days love to incorporate prints in almost everything. Why not wearing your favorite espadrilles with bold and bright prints? Either choose the espadrilles of the same color as the print or go all neutral with the color such as cream or white for an elegant look.

printed espadrilles 01

printed espadrilles 02

printed espadrilles 04

printed espadrilles 05

printed espadrilles 03

These are some simple ways to wear espadrilles in style.