Your crave for looking better never ends. No matter how old are you, all you want to do is to look perfect in any way. Hairstyle is something that is an essential part of your personality. If you are among those women who are over 45 and you want a perfect hairstyle, then there are a lot of options that you can adopt. Following are some of the beautiful hairstyles that are ideal for older women. Don’t forget to have a look at some of the inspiring examples of older women hairstyles at the end.

Older Women Hairstyle 1

The Pixie:

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 45 or 50. Pixie helps in framing the face and it also highlights the best features of your face. Besides their class, they also need very less time to set. You just have to wash your hair and add some texturizing spray and you are good to go.


Short Cut Bangs:

If you are among the ones who do not want to show their forehead then bangs can be an ideal hairstyle for you. They add a youthful look to your personality and also throw attention to your eyes. They are also used to add some volume to your flat hair. One thing that you have to take care of is that bangs need a little maintenance so you have to trim them after some weeks.

Short Cut Bangs hair style

Messy Shag:

This hairstyle is also known as the Mussy shag. It looks nice on all types of face shapes. Simply pure some spray for texture and scrunch your hair to get a choppy look.

Messy Shag for older women

Side Swept Bangs:

Another amazing hairstyle for older women is the side swept bangs. They are great for women over 50 because they can make you look younger and stunning. Simply swipe your bangs to either side. However, side swept bangs need some attention so make sure you are ready to get them trimmed after some weeks if you want this hairstyle.

Side Swept Bangs

The Long Bob:

Long bob is the trend that has been here since long and it is still very popular. This type of bob is till the shoulders. A lot of aged actresses have adopted this hairstyle. One problem that you might face keeping long bangs is to keep them voluminous. So it’s better to keep them short if you want to hold the shape easily.

Long bob for older women

Let’s have a look at some of the examples of

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