Beauty tips to help your eyes look bigger

Big eyes, round is always the highlight of the face. The following tips will help you have beautiful eyes like that.

Round eyes glitter two eyelid is still considered the standard of beauty. However, not always lucky girl is endowed a beautiful eyes. Following special moves will help girls easily own a big round eyes double eyelid desirable.

Eyelid stickers

Eyelid stickers that appeared long ago as the most common eyelid clicking of any girl. To save the recipe stickers when looking down or when the eyelid blink, girlfriend should choose transparent eyelid stickers or modern shades to color and glue on both sides. Just covered with makeup, eyes so deep you fascinated.


Glue Size eyelid 

This is one way to quickly create double eyelids is the favorite because his girlfriend has outstanding advantage is no need accessories to accompany her eyes natural beauty. Just clean the elected eyes, apply glue to the lid and wait for the glue is almost dry, then use the correct tools to complete eyelid.


The way out can create double eyelids rapidly for 2-3 minutes and the price is very cheap, but only a temporary effect and if used long-term potential risk will damage your eyes.

Create double eyelids lasting effect in one hour

In recent times, the method creates a lot of eye 2 lid favorite sister.  “press eyelid” the solution is many women choosing to have eyelid owns two natural big beautiful, safe, durable effect. However, eyelid skin is thin and sensitive, more each method has advantages and disadvantages and appropriate to each eye condition. Therefore, you need to learn, to meet the doctor and consultant to select appropriate aesthetic approach.

Cut is minor surgery eyelid fat removal of excess skin on the eyelids and apply suitable in persons aged over 30, there are many loose skin in the upper eyelids, eyelid collapsed, sticky eyelids unclear and started showing signs of old. To ensure achieving titers up to millimeter, before the surgery, doctors accurately mapped regions of excess skin, excess fat in the upper eyelid crease to shape before the new eyelid. Then, the skin and fat balance will be tricky to remove, and re-create a new lid help lines and vivid big round eyes.

“Press the eyelid is the method applied to cases double eyelids, eyelid unknown, people under age 30 have less excess skin and eye shadows. Based on the supply curve press eyelids were surveyed and fixed, your doctor will proceed to create a fixed link between the eyelid crease eyelid cartilage millimeter accuracy through point. After that, the doctor will insert only held aesthetic engagement with the banks previous subcutaneous cartilage. thus, eye opening will create new eyelid folds are nice and deep without having to peel, cut canals.

The beauty of women is not limited, so do not hesitate to change themselves and share new methods of beauty blog “” style beauty experience worldwide. I believe you will be satisfied,

Hope this article will help you!