These days there is craze of taking selfies in the youth. Every second young guy or girl is mad behind taking selfies and wants to get it uploaded on social networking sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

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Taking the trend of the market, mobile manufacturers are designing mobiles according to the present demand and they are now keeping more focus on front camera. Android also launches many applications to enhance and edit the selfies. In this article we are now going to provide you information and details regarding some of the best android apps for taking stunning selfies which are as mentioned below:

Best Android Apps for taking stunning selfies


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Maximum of us doesn’t feel comfortable sharing and uploading their selfies with their friends and other persons prior making any changes in the picture or editing it. This is a good little app for those persons who need a final touch before uploading their picture. With this you are able to quickly animate the photos and make a use of hundreds of stickers on it.


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Android users love this app the most and it is one of the most downloaded camera apps in the Android market. This app comes with various range of filter and effects with which we can overall beautify the selfie.

Silent Selfie Camera

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In many of android models we don’t have option to shut the volume of camera when we take the pictures or selfies.

  • With this app, you will be able to stop that shuttering sound and can take selfie without coming in notice.
  • You can correct front camera effect by using this app.
  • There are many great features in it, which makes it worth downloading.

Selfie Photo effects and editor

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It is another selfie app which is a fantastic option to use. This application provides you plenty of filters and stickers which include retro effects. There is a feature in this app, which makes this app different from others. With this we get the option to draw on selfies.

Candy Camera for Selfie

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This is one of the fastest growing Android applications.

  • This is the best application in terms of downloads.
  • Around 2 million users are increasing per day for this app.
  • More than 100 real time different filters from which we can choose.
  • On this app, we can use filters options to its optimum and that’s make this app fantastic for selfies.

Retroselfie – selfies editor

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This app is completely dedicated to the retro fans. This app is much easier to use when compared with other apps. Retro selfie allowed you to add frames, crop, adjust brightness, draw on images etc. Sharing of photos on social networking sites is also possible within the app.

Aillis – Selfie & collage

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This is one the best android app for taking stunning selfies. Line camera app is very popular and famous in youth with more than 100 million users. Various features in this app which makes this different and popular from others like: 1000 stamps, frames, filters and fonts.

Insta Selfie Cam Pic Collage

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It’s the another fabulous application for Android users which allow you to make collages. Nearly 30 templates are there to choose from and you can share these selfies direct to social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.


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This application provides you maximum number of filters and which helps in making this one of the best selfie app for android users. In free version you will get 50 filters and other will be unlocked when you upgrade the app. You can make collages and wisely use time features to click pictures and pose with best buddies.

Selfie Camera – Facial Beauty

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Facial beauty is the main focus of this application. With this app, the skin colour and complexion can be enhanced and you skin will be looking fair and will glow more. In this app, there are more than 20 filters which results in providing you cute and glowing selfies.

Youcam perfect – Selfie cam

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You cam app is best because it’s an outstanding app with great features like video selfies and snapshots.

  • Notable feature in this app is Automatic trim.
  • This option will make you fan and crazy for this app.
  • If you are crazy for selfies, this app is definitely for you. You must try this app.

Perfect 365

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This app is completely recommended for women as with this app you can remove your skin imperfections. Perfect 365 comes with great range of beautification tools for improving overall look.

Above mentioned best android apps for taking stunning selfies, will surely assist you with which app you should go for. Best feature in all these apps is that they are available free of cost. In case you need to take maximum use of app for that you need to update the app and purchase it. So enjoy your selfie with your friends and relatives. Collect them and add more memories.