Flowers are the most common thing that inspires an artist. A lot of abstract paintings too have been made based on flowers. The variation of colours itself are so stunning and beautiful that it is very easy to portray them on canvas. Abstract paintings can be made with normal wax crayons when made on paper. Water or oil painting colours can be used to make them on cloth canvas. The painting based on flowers are a mixture of beautiful and vibrant colours. The painter can use a mixture of random brush work to make these abstract art paintings.

Best Flower Painting Examples and tips to Paint them

Use of vibrant colours in the abstract art paintings based on flowers

Flowers in itself are very colourful. Colours and scent are the two things that come into our mind when we think about flowers. The common thing between all the paintings using flowers as the inspiration is the use of vibrant colours. It can range from splash of different colours to intricate designs based on the structure of flowers. Floral designs made from patches of colour is another common form of abstract art. The colour scheme is dominated by shades of red and yellow. But a lot of green is also seen as the leaves are a part of the paintings as well.

Best Flower Painting Examples and tips to Paint them

Use of floral designs

Best Flower Painting Examples and tips to Paint them

Abstract art basically does not follow any specific technique. The use of floral designs is such that it is a random array of colours that depicts flowers. The painter uses their imagination to draw from inspiration from the flowers. But the actual painting may not have the structural base of a flower. It might be just some random splashes of colours. A lot of things like sponges and corks are also used to make floral patterns. These things are dipped into paint and then scrubbed all over the canvas in no specific pattern.

Ideas for floral paintings

Best Flower Painting Examples and tips to Paint them

Abstract art having floral motifs are a visual treat for the eyes. A lot of different patterns can be used to make these paintings. These patterns can range from small circles or other geometric designs to big splashes of colour. Layering is a commonly used technique in making abstract art paintings with floral designs. The canvas is first painted in a single colour. Then another colour is added on top of that. The process goes on like this till the painter is happy with the outcome. A lot of different motifs can be used while making these paintings.

Best Flower Painting Examples and tips to Paint them

5 Best Flower Paintings of all times

Van Gogh

Vase with Pink Roses (1890)

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Sunflowers, irises and blazing cherry blossom: Vincent Van Gogh is more famous for these blooms, in all their painted variations. Even just to choose one of the sunflower pictures would have been hard enough. Here, instead, is a flower that lacks the brilliant colour he relished and which has such symbolic meaning (its pinks have faded to white) but which is just as stupendous: pale roses, incandescent against a light green wall. The flowers are in glorious, exuberant bloom, their furled forms animated by the ribbons of paint behind them. The surface feels still live with the artist’s touch.


Henri Fantin-Latour

Roses (1894)

Private collection

Fantin-Latour is the great rose man. He painted roses from first to last, never tiring of their beauty. There is even a shrub rose named after him and it is (I think) right there at the centre of this bowl full of heavy, drowsy, scented blooms, in many shapes, colours and petal forms. Fantin-Latour is praised in Proust and sold almost every work as soon as it was finished, mainly to the English. This is a painting of summer roses that is for once as ravishing as the real thing.


Jan Brueghel the Elder

Flowers in a Vase (year unknown)

National Museum of Art, Bucharest

Lilies, tulips, fritillaries, daffodils, snowdrops, carnations, cornflowers, peonies, anemones, roses: this is an all-together-now bouquet and one of the largest and most luscious in art. But is it real? Could all these flowers have blossomed at the same time in 17th-century Holland without hothouses and chemical sprays? Possibly, but this is a vanitas painting, combining the real, the ideal and the symbolic. It would have given its wealthy patron a garden of flowers in a single vase, but it reminds him of his death as well. Some of the flowers are beginning to fade, others have already fallen.



Lilacs in a Vase (c 1882)

Nationalgalerie, Berlin

During his long final illness, Manet began to paint beautifully aphoristic pictures of flowers in crystal vases. His subjects were the posies friends brought to his Paris sickroom, in this case white lilac. Fascinated by the stems refracted through the silvery water, and by the flocculent green-in-white blossoms, he paints something closer to a portrait than a still life. You can feel the thick darkness – the darkness of late Goya, whom Manet admired from first to last – closing in around these lightsome white heads on their fragile stems. Flowers with the status of people


Georgia O’Keeffe

Oriental Poppies (1928)

Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis

“If I could paint the flower exactly as I see it no one would see what I see because I would paint it small like the flower is small. So I said to myself – I’ll paint it big… and they will be surprised.” O’Keeffe’s poppies are among her most famous works, the glossy red and orange flowers exploding on a canvas almost four feet wide. There is no background to distract from their sheer force of personality. Made in 1928, the painting is a vast close-up, pulling the eye into the dark heart of these flowers through the power of scale and colour.


Flowers are one of the best things from nature to draw inspiration from. They have a sense of subtle beauty around them. If the painter’s imagination can attract that beauty and put it onto a canvas a beautiful painting can be created. Since abstract art does not follow any specific rule or technique it is solely based on the painter’s imagination and his brush strokes. The use of multiple colours on one canvas makes the paintings very vibrant. They can tingle our senses and make us feel happy and warm from inside.

Best Flower Painting Examples

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