5 Shoes Styles Every Men Should Own

If you ask a girl about the number of shoes she has in her wardrobe, you will definitely get a huge digit response. But for men, this can be a really small figure. A man should have at least 5 different types of shoes in his wardrobe that should work for any occasion. If you […]


6 Shoes Styles Every Working Women Should Have

If you are a working woman then you might have known the struggle of choosing the right footwear for work as there are very few options. Well you do not have to worry and stick to the simple pumps as there are a lot of different options as well. This post is gathering some of […]


Neon Pump Shoes; How To Wear Bright Pumps? in Style

When it comes to wearing pumps, the first choice for most of the women is classic black as this color is so versatile it can be worn from day to night. But if you want something more interesting and unique then a pair of brightly colored pumped should be your choice. Neon Bright colors for […]


30 best ways to mix clothes when you “have nothing to wear”

“With just a little alternative, if you know skillfully combine you can create completely personal style from the items seemed ‘old’.” How many times have you stood helpless before the closet by simple reason: ‘you have nothing to wear’? If you regularly feel the same, please refer to the 30 suggested mix clothes following, you […]


Gorgeous lace-up collection of Kendall Jenner style sheet

Kendall Jenner deserves to receive the title of “Queen of lace-up.” Kendall Jenner is one of the It girl – the girl lead the style of European and American youth. With a standard physique, particularly long,thin legs and compact foot, Kendall can wear with any beautiful outfit, and of course is going to be all […]


Update 8-style flat sandal most trendy this summer

One of the great things in the summer is we can liberate feet from shoes and spoiled wear the cool sandals. Here are 8 styles of flat sandal that you are not to be missed this summer. Wide trap sandal After craze shoes hybrid sandal last summer, sandals with thick strap style to cover a […]


30 Stylish Ways to Wear Black Sneakers

Sneakers are something that almost every girl needs in her wardrobe. It is one of the simplest yet classic footwear choices that can easily transform your looks. When it comes to sneakers, there are a lot of different designs and colors but one type that can never go out of style are the classic black […]


40 ways to mix extremely beautiful sneaker for girls

These sneakers will help the girls easily integrate with different fashion styles, from casual to contemporary, active to charming. The Belle let quickly added to your handbook these types of mix now!!! The dust of overalls combined with the dynamism of the sneaker will help the girls become very trendy and fashionable. Only with an […]


35 Chic Lugz Shoes examples for women

Lug soles have become really popular in the world of fashion and people are actually adopting these. Lug soles are basically hiking shoes that have a thick sole made of rubber which helps in better stability. If you are interested in wearing lugz sole shoes then have a look at some chic ways to wear […]


Stylish Ways To Wear Combat boots

[nextpage title=”Combat Boots Page 1″ ] If you are a tomboy type of girl then one thing you should have in your wardrobe is a pair of combat boots. The tough and rugged vibe of the combat shoes gives a macho look your personality. Girls who want feminine look in their style should avoid combat […]


Stylish Chic Ways To Wear Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes are something mostly little girls have in their wardrobe in the past as it was challenging for women to not look like a small girl or a granny. As one wrong move will make you look childish and juvenile. This doesn’t mean you cannot wear them any more, As they are getting […]