12 Best Android Apps for taking stunning selfies

These days there is craze of taking selfies in the youth. Every second young guy or girl is mad behind taking selfies and wants to get it uploaded on social networking sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. Taking the trend of the market, mobile manufacturers are designing mobiles according to the present […]


Top 20 Best jQuery Plugins of the Year: 2015

jQuery scripting had ease the use of creation of the plugins and had made it possible to add on several useful functionalities to the plugins with ease. Now developers can add on different functionalities to plugin easily, using jQuery. Some of the best jQuery plugins are listed below. You can have a look over them […]


Ten Must Watch Movies for Tech savvy

As our world not witnessing some of the amazing technology revolutions these days, the main inspiration comes with movies as well. In fact, in the world of our movies, technology has been ahead of our present time. There are various concepts which we can see in a movie, although not really possible right now in […]


Top 15 Websites to get Free Stock Photos

Sometimes finding the photos online free from any copyright issue becomes extremely difficult. Especially, people having no knowledge about Photoshop or any other professional image creating tool suffers a lot. But this problem can be solved by many website online. These are the websites to get free stock photos. If you are searching for the […]


20 Shades of Green Color Names: For Designers

The elegant color green marks life, enthusiasm, renewal and hopes. It symbolizes cheerfulness and inspiration to embark on new aspects of life. It is the color of leaves and grasses that marks the inception of freshness and indicates positive energy and growth. There are different shades of green that are formed from the amalgamation of […]


Top Ten Programming Languages to Learn for sure

The technology is booming worldwide and is making way for new devices and platforms every day. The programming had taken technology to new level. There are large numbers of programming jobs worldwide and most of these jobs are paying high. These programming languages also have a great impact on your resume. If you know these […]


20 Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac

Are you using the Mac? Then you must be aware about dashboard widgets that are used for the Dashboard application over the Mac system. But it is essential for one to prefer the Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac as they are widely used for different programs in Mac. When you use the Dashboard widget, then […]


15 Best Mambo Templates to Choose for a Website

Mambo is a popular content management system that is easy to install and is completely free. It is the best choice for a person, who wish to create an easy to manage and simple content website. You can create a good and unique website in terms of content and appearance. The users can create a […]


Best BBM Status Updates: 60 Picked

These days, status updates on BBM are becoming the latest trend of today’s generation and they are also very much crazy for that. Even, the today’s youth are very much choosy for their status updates on BBM and also on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Especially, the girls want to put the […]


Top 15 Best and Must-Have Joomla Extensions You Should Have

Joomla is a content management system which lets the user create a website according to his or her liking. Joomla has a huge collection of extensions which if incorporated in the website favours its working. Every day new collections are being added to it, some of them are better than others. Some of the important […]


30 Best Typography Fonts For Web Designers

Typography is one of the most important elements of graphic designing. It is the wonderful technique that helps you to put on a new life to the dead words, if you are perfect at it. The typography is completely responsible to make your text look attractive and wonderful. It changes the overall look of the […]


20 Essential UI Design tools and Resources for Web Designers

A success of web application or software is completely dependent on its user interface that makes it user friendly. The web designers need to make the user interface user friendly and should try to provide their customers with something really interesting and simple to use. Here is the list of some UI design tools and […]