The best cover of the year for USA

Whether newspapers increasingly moved backwards on newspaper readership than digital. However, the image quality of the print is still number one. Check out the cover was rated the best of the United States in years. News & Politics First Prize: The New Yorker: Broken Arch Finalists: The Advocate: Person of the Year Finalists: Wired: Edward […]


Beauty tips to help your eyes look bigger

Beauty tips to help your eyes look bigger Big eyes, round is always the highlight of the face. The following tips will help you have beautiful eyes like that. Round eyes glitter two eyelid is still considered the standard of beauty. However, not always lucky girl is endowed a beautiful eyes. Following special moves will […]


Top 10 Essential Things to add in Your Website

Your website is important part of your online advertisement campaign. Website design is never an easier thing to do no matter how much experience you have in convincing your potential customers through your communication skills but when it comes to designing an effective website, it can be a big challenge. There are some crucial elements […]


12 Best WordPress Themes for Sports Blog

Sport is one of the most essential activities that is needed by everyone in his/her life. Every person learns some or the other sports and enjoys playing. He/she read the news about that sport and tries to gain more knowledge about it on internet. So, the sports blog running on internet should have appropriate content […]


Best 15 Free WordPress Themes for Photographers

Photography is the art that is loved by people all around the world. You need not to be a professional photographer to capture the photos rather you need to be a good learner and observer to see how a nice shot can be captured. If you have ever planned to create a photography website containing […]


Top 18 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes of the Year

Choosing a right theme is a really difficult task especially when it comes to WordPress Portfolio themes. These types of themes are designed for different purpose and are most difficult when it com to choosing the theme. If you are looking for best WordPress Portfolio themes then you have arrived at a great place. Here […]


Top 15 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins of 2014

WordPress is one of the best CMS that is built up with number of security features. There are many spammers crawling over the internet. You need to protect your website using some security plugins. Some of the powerful security plugins to protect your WordPress website from spam comments are as follows. You must install Best WordPress […]


Top 15 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks: 2014

If you are looking ahead with WordPress theme development then WordPress theme frameworks will help you out in theme development. It is always great to work with such framework to design a theme according to the requirements of your client. If you are looking to find WordPress theme framework then here is the best list […]


Tips to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress without Losing Traffic

Are you fiddling around to find out tips and tricks to migrate from blogger to WordPress without losing traffic? If you have an affirmative answer for this you have paused at the apt place. You might have been dismayed with the fact that migration might induce decline in traffic and SEO but there are certain […]


Top 15 Best Bootstrap Themes of the year

Internet has a number of Content Management systems available that can help you to create websites in few steps. Bootstrap is the best open source front end framework that is built up with HTML and CSS tools. The themes built up Bootstrap are highly responsive and WordPress had come up with different Bootstrap themes to […]


20 Responsive One Page Joomla Templates

Nowadays, website is the real and online representation of any business. It effectively increases the growth of your business. Earlier, website developing and website designing is a very tough task for anyone, but due to the advancement in the technology, it becomes easier for anyone to make or design a website to their choices. Now, […]


Top 20 WordPress Image Zoom Plugins: Free and Premium

WordPress is one of the most famous and leading content management system in web development. Almost everyday numbers of WordPress plugins are created by developers to enhance the usability and functionality of websites. WordPress image zoom plugins can be really useful in making your site more interactive. Image zoom plugins enhance your web page and […]

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