A hat is a great accessory that not only protects you from the harmful rays of the sun but also cover your greasy hair strands on a bad hair day. They also make any outfit look stylish and cool instantly. Some women think that wearing a hat means they can’t make any hairstyle but that’s not true. Following are some of the cutest hairstyles that you can wear under a hat. Also have a look at some inspiring hat hairstyles at the end.

Hairstyle 243

Hairstyle With Hat

  1. Fishtail Pigtails:

Pigtails are not something you can only make if you are 12 or 13. If you still love pigtails and you want to wear them under a hat then add a touch of maturity to it by adding a little fishtail to the style. To get this look, part your hair into equal sections and secure each side in a fine fishtail braid. What next? Simply tug at the braids gently to pull them apart and you are done with a fuller and messier look.

Hairstyle 1

  1. Messy Tuck Bun:

This is another interesting hairstyle you can wear under a hat and is perfect for hot days when you do not want sweaty hair on your neck. Start off by making a low ponytail out of your messy hair and secure it with a band. Now start flipping the end of your ponytail towards one side of your neck and upward and secure it with a bobby pin for a messy tucked bun.

Hairstyle 6

  1. Little Accent Braids:

If you want to get a little edgy look with your ordinary down style. Simply add some tiny braids all over your hair randomly. Simply separate a small section of your hair from each side and braid it normally. Secure the end with a band or make a shoelace for a more chic look. Make sure the braids blend in with the hair or they might start to look odd.

Hairstyle 15

  1. Shoelace Buns:

You can definitely wear a bun hairstyle under a hat and it will surely look good. To get this style, part your hair into two equal sections. Take each section and divide it further into two equall sections. Start braiding these two sections into a shoelace and secure it with bobby pins. Do this for other side too and you will end up with a shoelace bun as this style gets shorter and shorter as you move on.

Hairstyle 22


These are some cute hairstyles that can be worn under a hat. Have a look at some other inspiring styles under a hat mentioned below

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