Fashion is getting evolved day by day and a lot of new and bold fashion trends have started making their way to the streets. One of these bold and daring fashion trends is crazy hair colors and dyes. Women these days are getting crazy over matching the color of their hair with their jeans and pants. And why not? Denim hair colors look so stylish and stunning.

People are getting crazy for this trend because it’s so versatile and comes in a lot of different and cute shades. What’s best about getting a denim shade for your hair is that it gets better and better after fading unlike other hair shades that start to look weird and odd. Another great thing about getting a denim hair shade is that it goes well with almost everything just like your favorite of denim jeans. Some daring hair shades like red or purple do not coordinate well with all the color of your outfit and makeup but denim is so versatile that you can easily style it with anything in your closet.

If you are interested in getting the denim dye for your hair and you want to get some bold and stylish change in your personality then have a look at some of the following shades you can have. Don’t forget to check out some beautiful examples of denim color hairstyles at the end.

Denim Hair Color 2

  1. Indigo:

If you like having dark shades of denim and purple then this might be the right shade for you. It has the ability to add classic depth and cuts to your face and looks best the dark colored outfits.

  1. Midnight:

This is another great denim color you can have. It’s a combination of dark blue and black and is suitable for those women who are a little afraid to pull off a lighter shade of denim for their hair. Midnight hair shade are your way to go if you want gothic and classic looks.

  1. Stonewash:

This is the lightest shade of denim you can have. It is for those women who like challenging fashion trends. The shade will give you silver shades with the blue hues and can be worn by the women of almost every complexion. However this color looks perfect over fair skins.

These are 3 different shades of denim you can wear. Have a look at some of the stylish denim hairstyles mentioned below.



Denim Hair Color 16

Denim Hair Color 15

Denim Hair Color 14

Denim Hair Color 13

Denim Hair Color 12

Denim Hair Color 11

Denim Hair Color 9

Denim Hair Color 10

Denim Hair Color 8

Denim Hair Color 7

Denim Hair Color 6

Denim Hair Color 3

Denim Hair Color 4