If you are a fashion trend follower and you want to add some colors and dresses to your wardrobe then cobalt blue is your way to go. This elegant, classic and intense shade always look royal and catches eyes. There are a lot of options and choices you can merge the blue color with. Whether you want to wear cobalt blue from head till toe or you just want to mix it up with other colors, have a look at some of the stylish ways you can master the trend. Don’t forget to have a look at some beautiful examples of cobalt blue outfits and accessories at the end for inspiration.

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Stylish Examples To Wear Cobalt Blue Trend

  1. Accessories:

Love accessories? Add some cute shades of blue in your look with stylish royal blue accessories. There are a lot of accessory options when it comes to classic blue. You can wear a day bag in blue or go for a classic indigo pump. These options are great to add a pop of blue in your outfit. You can also give rest to your ordinary jewelry pieces and swap them with classic blues such as funky blue earrings or a statement necklace. Make sure you choose blue accessories with the colors opposite to it such as orange or yellow to make the statement and stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Jacket:

If you want to dress up your casual outfit and give it a touch of class then opt for a royal blue blazer or jacket. A blue blazer look perfect with the casual pieces such as a white tee and black jeans. Make sure you complete the look with a stylish bag of same color.

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  1. Dress:

A classic dress in navy blue color is all you need to draw people’s attention towards you as you walk by. Choose the dress according to the occasion and your figure to look stunning. Make sure you wear classic black boots or heals under the dress for a perfect vibe.

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  1. Pants:

Blue pants are also a versatile choice for both summers and fall. You can combine your favorite blue pants with almost anything whether it is a tee or a button down. Make sure the top is in contrast with the pants or it won’t look amazing. How about a white button down shirt tucked in your favorite blue pants? This look is classic for office or if you want to get casual, just untuck the shirt and you are done.

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Have a look at some beautiful examples of cobalt blue trend and outfits mentioned below.

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