When we think about silk scarf, have you ever think about other using’s purpose beside its main function : keep the body warm.

These silk scarf can be used as accessories express personality traits and fashion style of each person. With creative imagination, a bit of skill, you absolutely can twist your scarf into a multifunctional tool, serves the purpose of showing your fashion style very effective

A silk scarf can be a hair braided cloth impression, or top-cropped trendy clothes, unique belts, cute wristlet  , feminine handbags, …

This article will introduce you 30 ways to be fashionable with a silk scarf, Scarves might just be my favorite accessory all times. If I had to shop for just one thing for the rest of my life (why would someone do that do me?) it might be scarves. Scarves don’t judge you, they don’t miraculously shrink when you’re pregnant, and they have a tendency to stick around. But how to tie a scarf? That’s another story! We asked our friends for their favorite methods and came up with 30 different scarf tying ideas. Some are classics and some will be your new favorite thing.

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Tying your scarf this way will keep you super cozy and Chic

cach-that-khan-lua-hermes-22-elle-vn-490x456cach-that-khan-lua-hermes-21-elle-vn-490x455 Change things up and wear a thin scarf as a belt.


This simple knotted style looks so chiccach-that-khan-lua-hermes-18-elle-vn-490x454

This simple way to make your scarf as skirt is so hot and chic style difficult to ignore and match style


In case you’re sitting there like, “Um, hello, it’s almost spring, why would I want to know how to wear a scarf right now?” listen up: scarves are most definitely not just for the colder weather. Scarves are amazing and can take almost any outfit up a notch. They are one of my favorite accessories of all time, whether I’m wearing a thick and cozy one on a snowy day, or a light and flowery one on a warmer spring day.


If you don’t know what to do with a long scarf, tie it like this on your head like capcach-that-khan-lua-hermes-14-elle-vn-490x455cach-that-khan-lua-hermes-13-elle-vn-490x451cach-that-khan-lua-hermes-12-elle-vn-490x451

But in order for a scarf to make your outfit even cuter, you have to know how to wear one. Yeah, you can just drape it around your neck and call it a day… or you could tie it in a cool knot or you don’t even have to wear it on your neck at all! There are so many options! Here are the scarf style tips on how to wear and tie scarves for any season. Have Fun!


Learn how to tie your scarf into a cute turban style. This is perfect for the beach!


Tie your scarf into a bow for a super glam look.



Transform a small scarf into an adorable boho headband.


3-scarf-wrapped-shoulders-warm-and-luxuryAny of these styles are perfect for spring with a light scarf.


Wrap your scarf around a messy bun for a look that will definitely make you stand out.