There might be times when you have to attend a party or a formal event and you can’t really decide what you should do with your hair that is different and unique. Most of the women go for sleek hairstyles such as buns and chignons but if you really want something extraordinary then you should go for hair jewelry. They are very elegant and beautiful and are perfect for fancy events and occasions. If you want to invest in some good hair jewelry for your never fancy occasion then have a look at some following options you can have.

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  1. Tiara:

Let’s start our list with the stylish and most popular hair jewelry. Tiaras are usually worn by women over celebration days such as a birthday party or the wedding. They are usually used to look royal and different. Make sure you pick a small tiara if it’s not your special day or it will grab all the attention and main celebrant might eventually be ignored.

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  1. Hair Comb:

This is another very nice hair jewelry that you can wear at special events. You can use them to secure your slicked back hair or you can also mix hem with different hairstyles as well.

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  1. Headband:

These are like ordinary headbands but are very much detailed and fancier as they are embellished with crystals, gems and other fancy pieces. They look great when you wearing your hair down and with basic outfits.

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  1. Barrettes:

Pretty barrettes are really nice and will definitely make you stand out from the crown. Jeweled barrettes are usually worn with buns and updos but you can wear them with any hairstyle you want. There are also some tiny jeweled barrettes that you can use to clip your fringes and bangs for a clean and elegant look.

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  1. Hair Chains:

These type of hair jewelry is super elegant and gorgeous. They are worn by women who like the Goddess look of Arab. Some of the hair chains look amazing with the hair down where as some look perfect with a basic hairstyle. There are a lot of designs that come in hair chain so make sure you get the one the complements your face.

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These are some classy options of hair jewelry that you can have. Check out some inspiring examples of hair jewelry in images mentioned below.

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