Graduation day for a girl is very important as it is full of excitement and nervousness. Graduation day is something that closes a chapter of your life and that also opens a new one. While you are all dressed up in a graduation gown and a cap, the only thing you can work upon is a classic hairstyle. Some girls think they can’t wear any hairstyle under a graduation cap but it’s not true. Have a look at some cute chic hairstyles you can wear on a graduation day.

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Hairstyles For Graduation Day

  1. Polished Curls:

This hairstyle is to look amazing and polished on a graduation day. To have polished curls, start off with a hair moisturizer in order to keep your hair smooth and silky. Before using a blow dryer, make sure you apply mousse. Once your hair are dried, pick a curling iron with a wide barrel for loose curls. Bring your curls to shine with the help of a shine spray.

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  1. Hidden Braids:

In order to have an edgy look at the graduation day, add some cute braids to your straight shiny hair. Make sure the braids are small and thin or they might serve as a distraction.

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  1. Side Braid:

This is another classic and easy hairstyle suitable under a graduation hat. Make sure the braid is fully textured or it might look ordinary. To get this look damp your hair first and apply some sea salt spray over it. Use a blow dryer to rough dry your hair. To give them more texture, use a curling wand and curl some random pieces. Once you are done, secure them in a cute side braid and you are done.

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  1. Classical Blowout:

A classic blowout can never be a wrong choice for your graduation day. Before blowing out your hair, make sure you secure your hair with a heat protectant primer and spray. To hold this look, use a finishing hairspray. After taking off your graduation cap, make sure you use dry shampoo to the roots to freshen up the style.

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  1. Ponytail And Braids:

If you are going to attend your graduation day in a hot and humid area then this style is best for you. Start of by French braiding your hair at the top of your head till your ear. Once you reach there, secure the rest of the hair in a fine ponytail and you are done.

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Have a look at some of the examples of hairstyles perfect for graduation days mentioned below.

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