The pants which are loose on the fitting and have more like a balloon shape over the top and are tapered at the bottom are called as harem pants. A lot of women love to wear harem pants but it is a little difficult to style because of its different look. With the right choices of outfits and accessories, you can master the harem pant look. Have a look at some of the tips to wear harem pants in fashion in Style. Don’t forget to check out amazing examples of harem pant outfits at the end for inspiration.

Harem Pant 8

  1. Choose The Right Fabric:

When wearing harem pants, make sure you choose the right fabric. Choose fabrics that look graceful and fall perfectly. The good options to consider are delicate fabrics such as silk.

  1. Wear Fitted Tops:

If you want to make your harem pants a statement piece then make sure you wear something simple over the top. Choose simple tops to keep your overall outfit balanced. Look for the fitted tops so that the broad silhouette of the lower body is balanced with the skinny part. If you want to keep the waist area defined then tuck in your shirt for a beautiful look.

  1. Wear Heels:

One best choice for shoes to wear with harem pants is the heels. They add a beautiful overall feel to the outfit and balance and slim your wide leg. Many fashion fanatics suggest high stiletto heels with the harem pants for a touch of class. If you are not the heel type of person then try out gladiator sandals or strappy sandals with the harem pants for a comfortable and amazing style.

  1. Wear Belt:

One important thing to consider while wearing harem pants is to highlight the waist. A lot of harem pants have got built-in high waists that foster the wide look of the fabric. A belt can be a great thing to achieve a prominent waist. Simply tick in your shirt under the harem pants and wear a belt over it for a chic look.

  1. Keep Accessories Simple:

Harem pants are enough to make the statement so do not wear a lot of jewelry over it as this might make you look over dressed. Go for simple jewelry such as a cute little necklace and bangles.

These are some of the simple ways to wear harem pants in style. Have a look at some of the examples mentioned below.

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