If you are among those girls who love wearing stylish bags, then you might have a lot of reasons to buy new bags almost every day. There are so many hip bags and its trends in the market. If you want to add some more bags to your wardrobe, then following are some of the trendiest and latest bags to choose from.

Saddle Bags:

Saddle bags are considered one of the most popular and best bag choices and trends for summers. These bags are extremely stylish and have a retro look in their appearance. Since most of the saddle bags are made with pure leather, therefore they look extremely classy with almost every outfit. You can pair it with either a fun chic summer dress or with button formal shirt and skirt.

saddle bags 01

saddle bags 02

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saddle bags 06

Nano Bags:

If you want a true definition of small yet amazing, then you should probably have a look at Nano bags. These small bags look amazing and they also keep your small personal belongings such as cards, keys and phone secure. This bag is recommended for those women who like minimalist-style and clean pouches.

nano bags 01

nano bags 02

nano bags 03

nano bags 04

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nano bags 06

Minimalist Bags:

One great option when it comes to choosing bags is to opt for a simple one as simple is always better. If you do not like keeping bright and big bags with you, then go for minimalist-style bags. They are very versatile and they can look amazing with both formal and casual outfits. Because of their simplicity, these bags should be your choice if you are looking for something to go for years.

minimalist bag 01

minimalist bag 02

minimalist bag 03

minimalist bag 04

minimalist bag 05

minimalist bag 06

Small Totes:

If you think that your belongings do not fit perfectly in the nano bags, then you can go stylish and handy by opting for small stylish totes. These bags are a great alternative to clutch or fanny pack and it allows enough storage to keep your important things without having to trouble for a huge one.

small tote bag 01

small tote bag 02

small tote bag 03

small tote bag 04

small tote bag 05

small tote bag 06

Structured Bags:

If you want to look perfect at both play and work, then choose a structured bag. This is a timeless investment. It is ideal for work as its style is classic and it also has the capacity to keep your important stuff.

structured bag 01

structured bag 02

structured bag 03

structured bag 04

structured bag 05

structured bag 06

These are some amazing hip bag trends to try. Choose a bag that fulfills your requirements and that goes perfect with the outfit and occasion.