In past, over sized clothes were not appreciated and people used to stay from them but the world of fashion has changed and a lot of fashion bloggers and artists have promoted over sized clothing. Over sized clothing is appreciated now because it is easy to pull off and give you a classic casual look. If you are interested in wearing over sized dressing them start off with a classic sweater. Have a look at some of the following tips to wear them properly.

Oversize Sweater 6

  1. Layered:

Winters is all about layering and taking help from over sized sweater to stay warm, chic and feminine is the best choice. Simply layer up your simple dress with the help of an over sized sweater and you are done. One of the best choices for dresses to layer under your over sized sweater is a maxi dress but you can go for other dresses as well as long as it looks nice.

Oversize Sweater 2

  1. With Leggings:

It is necessary for any outfit to be balanced and if you are wearing an over sized sweater then you should have your bottom light and fit. It is very easy to create a balanced silhouette with an over sized sweater. Simply pair your slouchy and loose sweater with something cute and fitted such as a nice pair of tights or leggings.
Oversize Sweater 28

  1. Off Shoulder Style:

If you have a sweater that has a wide neckline and it not easy to wear properly. Then take your style to the next level and wear it by keeping one of your shoulders bare. This style is perfect if you want to show some skin and add a touch of sexiness in your style. For everyday casual looks, you can also go for the off shoulder style with you over sized sweater.

Oversize Sweater 29

  1. Like A Dress:

Got an over sized sweater that is long enough to be worn as a dress? If yes then keep your looks casual and classic and wear it like a dress with nothing else but a pair or stylish boots. This look is great for hanging around the streets with some style.

Oversize Sweater 3

These are some chic ways to wear over sized sweaters. You can also try other experiments and see which look best. For more help, following are some stylish and chic examples of over sized sweaters and outfits for your inspiration. You can choose a style from the examples below if you confused about what to wear for the day.
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