Wearing sparkles the right way can be a really important knowledge to have to impress on party night. This season, a lot of designers and store shelves are filled with sparkly things and pieces. Wearing sparkles the right way can be a little tricky as this can make you look flirty and odd. Following are some of the tips and ways that can help you to wear the sparkles in style without looking odd and cheap. Also have a look at some of the examples of sparkly outfits and things mentioned at the end.

Sparkly Shoes:

Sparkly shoes 01

Sparkly shoes 02

Sparkly shoes 03

Sparkly shoes 04

Sparkly shoes 05

Sparkly shoes are one of the most famous and hottest trends of today. You will see sparkly shoes everywhere you look while shopping. If you want to wear sparkly shoes, then pick the classic ones. For a night out, wear the glitter pumps as they look amazing at night and for the days, try out glitter ballet flats.

Bejeweled Clothing:

Bejeweled clothing 01

Bejeweled clothing 02

Bejeweled clothing 03

Bejeweled clothing 04

Bejeweled clothing 05

Another way to add a little sparkle in your outfit is to wear bejeweled clothes. Search for the dresses that have a little touch of sparkle in it such as the cuffs or collars.

Glitter Clutches:

Glitter clutches 01

Glitter clutches 02

Glitter clutches 03

Glitter clutches 04

Glitter clutches 05

One of the easiest ways to add some sparkle in your overall look is to wear accessories in sparkles. How about keeping a clutch in glitter? Metallic silver and gold clutches are always popular. Now days, the tones of blue and jewel are very in.

Sparkly Nails:

Sparkly nails 01

Sparkly nails 02

Sparkly nails 03

Sparkly nails 04

Sparkly nails 05

One fun way to wear sparkles is to wear glitter nail polish. When it comes to wearing the sparkly nail polish, the options are endless. One good way to wear glitter nail polish is to have a nail paint with glitter chunks in it. Just layer that over your base coat and you are done.


Chandelier earrings 01

Chandelier earrings 02

Chandelier earrings 04

Chandelier earrings 04

Chandelier earrings 05

Earrings having pieces of crystals and jewels are one great way to sparkle the season. Choose chandelier styles or drop earrings for a night out with friends. To show your earrings, try on wearing swept back hairstyles.

Sparkly Belts:

sparkly belt 01

sparkly belt 02

sparkly belt 03 sparkly belt 04


sparkly belt 05

Add a touch of shine and class to your beautiful outfit with the help of a glitter belt. If you want to wear sparkles in belt then the best choices are to wear silver and black belts. And if glamour is your style then go for a touch of gold.

These are some of the ways to wear sparkles in style.