Lug soles have become really popular in the world of fashion and people are actually adopting these. Lug soles are basically hiking shoes that have a thick sole made of rubber which helps in better stability. If you are interested in wearing lugz sole shoes then have a look at some chic ways to wear them.

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Chic Ways to Wear Lugz Shoes

  1. With Denim:

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Lug soles come with a lot of shoes including, clogs, mules, sneakers, ballet flats etc. They are considered as one the comfiest foot wears perfect for street style. Pairing your lug soles with denim is a great option to look fashion forward. You can pair lug sole shoes with denim dresses, denim jeans, shorts overalls, etc. Generally, the chunky sole of the shoe adds a little weight to your shoe but there are several soles available that are made of rubber and are lightweight. So roam around the malls and choose the ones that have thinner and light soles.

  1. With Boyfriend Jeans:

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One of the easiest ways to stay stylish with lug soles is to pair them with your favorite and comfy boyfriend jeans. You can easily look great in it but you have to keep one thing in mind which is to expose some of the skin. In order to make it work, simply leave the ankle part exposed by wither choosing the cropped one or folding the ends. It will draw viewer’s eye away from the loose jeans and heavy shoes and will make you look balanced.

  1. With Shorts:

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As it is said before that lug soles are heavy ones so in order to balance them out, it is good to show as much skin as possible. Wear you lug sole flats with shorts to create a perfect and balanced look. You can also go for the cropped styles of jeans and trousers if you do not feel like wearing shorts.

  1. With Midi-Skirt:

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You do not have to be afraid with this choice as length of a midi skirt is considered perfect for lug sole. One great choice for midi skirt includes a pencil skirt as it sticks to your body and gives you a nice flattering shape.

These are some stylish and simple ways to look amazing in lug sole shoes. Remember to pick the one which is comfortable and good with the style. Have a look at some of the amazing examples of lug sole shoes mentioned below.

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