World’s famous people right in your bedroom. Isn’t it dreamy? Yeas but Debbie Ritter has successfully managed in doing this. She has allowed her own dreams to run wild and has created beautiful miniature dolls of few famous personalities. Debbie is a born artist, and as she says of herself; “I grew up with a pencil in hand and carried paper everywhere I went- got in trouble a few times with teachers for drawing on my homework, and art was my best subject in school.”

A doll house kit first inspired her miniature creations: “I got inspired to create my art dolls when my husband was given a dollhouse kit by my mom, who despaired of my father ever putting it together. Being the tooling engineer that he was, he put it together and I decided to make some dolls to go in it out of clothespins. She loved it so I continued and I made up my own technique and developed it over time.”

I can really relate to Debbie over dollhouses and the need to populate them. My dad was an electrical engineer who built one fantastic dollhouse for me from scratch, and another from a kit.  He is an electrical engineer, and it seemed to take forever.  He didn’t electrify my houses, and when I asked him why, Dad answered, “We’re Victorian.”

Debbie’s dollhouse adventures began a chain of thinking; she decided to combine her love of classic literature, history, and the observation of ordinary people into creating her art work.

Debbie finds people in general inspiring because if you study someone long enough, you will see some features that stand out.

Debbie does not collect dolls per se, but likes to create them as a favorite art form, Let us look at the list of few of them she has created:

Angela Lansbury

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

The very famous actress last seen in the 2011 movie Mr. Poppers Penguins and in the television series of Great Performances made a way into this doll house of Debbie Ritter. Known for her very famous roles in series like “Murder She wrote” and movies like “The Manchurian candidate”, Angela Lansbury is given an extremely elegant look.

Audrey Hepburn

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

Can anyone forget the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” actress who made her every movie look magical without effort? Well she is given the exact look of her very renowned movie and the face of an innocent woman that she always have been.

Bette Davis

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

Now can you forget anyone portraying the horrendous character of ‘Jane’ in the movie ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?’ and even if you were about to forget it then say hello to Debbie Ritter who with her creation of the Baby Jane Doll will not allow you to forget it.

Buddy Holly

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

Who is the beautiful man behind those famous specs? Buddy Holly definitely made a way into your room with his album “Chirping Crickets” and he do it again himself but in form of a miniature doll.

Duke Ellington

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

Did you just mention “Jazz” and didn’t mention Duke Ellington simultaneously? Well now you can make space in your house for this great Jazz inspiration. Debbie Ritter has made him available through her miniature doll of him.

Dusty Springfield

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

‘A Girl Called Dusty’, yes you cannot forget this girl at all. Dusty Springfeild, a girl in the discography era, made it big enough for her to be desired. And your desire can be easily fulfilled with owning her miniature doll.

Frida Kahlo

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

Definitely a woman who needs attention is this. Even after a horrendous accident and 35 operations throughout her life and numerous numbers of days spent in the hospital she managed to give this world about 140 paintings with about 55 self-portraits.

The Golden Girls

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

You already had them in your home on your television for seven long recurring years for seven long seasons. You loved watching them and enjoying time with your family. Now having them as miniature dolls at your house would be a nostalgic event obviously.

John Wayne

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

With films like “El Dorado”, “Four Sons” and “Noah’s Ark”, this man is already well settled in your heart and mind. Your house can enjoy having him in too with the miniature dolls by Debbie Ritter.

Liza Minnelli

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

The popular American actress and singer, making almost every genre her forte made an incredible progress in her career. Her miniature doll is too cute to miss attention.

Luciano Pavarotti

Retro Miniature dolls famous Peoples

One of the finest tenors of the 20th century couldn’t be missed on this list. He was one of the greatest in his field and definitely deserved a miniature doll on his name.

And these are only few of the celebs of the huge list that she has turned into a miniature doll.