Leather dress outfit is something that people usually wear in solid neutral colors like brown and black. This is because it’s the color that is seen in the movies and TV shows. However leather can also be worn in different amazing colors other than white and black. Colored leather is something that can either make you look amazing or it can also make you look cheap and odd. If you are interested in looking different with leather in a stylish chic way then have a look at some stylish tips mentioned below.

Stay Away From Sharp Colors:

colored leather 01

While wearing leather as a dress or as a jacket, make sure you stay away from sharp and bright colors as they might make you look overdone. Tones of neon are amazing for the summers but wearing them on leather won’t do well. Try choosing colors like green, maroon, blue or red while going for major pieces of leather.

Try Leather In Two colors:

colored leather 02

If you want to add colors to your looks then pick leather pieces in two shades. There are several color combinations that look amazing in leather together. You can go for a yellow and black jacket or you can also try wearing the tones of blue and red as these colors look great with almost anything.

Use It As Color Popper:

colored leather 03

Have a got an outfit that is too casual? If you have something like that and you want to brighten and lighten it up, then you can use a stylish leather piece in classic color to give yourself a great lively look. Make sure your leather piece is in contrast with the other colors of the outfit.

Colored Accessories:

colored leather 04

One great way to look great in leather is to try it in small pieces such as hats, shoes and bags and this works perfectly with the bright leather pieces. Give your simple t-shirt and jeans a bright look with bright leather bag or a shoe and you are done.

Wear It In Monochrome:

colored leather 05

Outfits in monochromatic colors looks amazing if they are in different textures and one of the best textures you can work with is the leather. If you got a bright leather piece and you want to make it stand out, then pair it with other pieces in different texture but same color for a perfect monochromatic look.

Have a look at some of the stylish examples of bright leather outfits and accessories.

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