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1970’s was the era where a lot of people started introducing new and classical fashion trends. When you try to compare the trend of 70’s with now, the thing that will click your mind the most about 70’s trends were the bold prints, platform shoes, a lot of accessories and a complete hippie look. This post is going to reveal some of the sexiest trends of 70’s that you can adopt now for a classic retro look. You can also blend them with the trends of today for a more stylish and polished look.

  1. Maxis:

70s fashion trends maxi

When it comes to maxi dresses, the first word that comes to minds is “grace”. Loose fitted maxi dresses with bold floral prints were very popular in the past. Maxi dresses are perfect because they look equally beautiful on all body types. They can be a good choice for summers.

  1. Flared Jeans:

The Most Iconic photo of Flared Jeans from 70's
The Most Iconic photo of Flared Jeans from 70’s

Denims have been in fashion since longest. The jeans in 70’s were simple having flared bottoms. They were so popular back then and almost every woman had these in her closet.  Bell bottoms are also another name of flared jeans and were worn by celebrities back then.

  1. Scooter Skirts:

The 70s fashion trends Scooter Skirts

Scooter skirts were somewhat people call it schoolgirl skirts now. They are actually shorts that have perfect pleats. These were named as scoter skirts because women used to sit easily on the scooters wearing these. Scooter skirts were actually a modification of mini skirt trends of the late 6os.

  1. Animal Print Coats:

The 70s fashion trends animal printed coats

In 70’s, the trend of wearing faux furs instead of natural fur was adopted which was for a good reason. Women loved wearing animal printed fur coats for winter and for special occasions. Furs were popular as they were equally stylish and also used to keep bodies warm. Even today, the animal printed fur coats are very popular.

  1. Platform Shoes:

The 70s fashion trends shoes

Heels are something that adds grace and class to a woman’s personality. Women back in 1970’s were also aware of this and they used to wear platform shoes which are the most comfy type of heels.  These were a must have accessory for every women back in old times. The strapped platform shoes were very popular back then.

These were some of the hottest trends of the 1970’s. Let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful outfits and accessory ideas of 1970’s. These pictures will inspire you to add different variations in the newest trends using the old ones.

Sexiest Fashion Trends In The 70s with now

floppy hat 70s

girls from the 70s

Gucci Pre-Fall 2015 the 70s

jeans from the 70s

post from the 70s

printed the 70s

round glass sunglasses from 70s

sunglasses the 70s

sweater from the 70s

The 70s fashion trends printed coats.01

the 70s suede dream shiftdress

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