If you are a little petite but you still want to wear maxi dresses celebrity style, then its better you wear it the right way or you might end up looking like you are a tent. Maxi dresses are a great choice for both formal and casual occasions. You can wear a maxi dress no matter how short you are, the important thing is to wear it the way. Following are some of the tips that can help you look sexy in a maxi dress even if you are petite. Don’t forget to have a look at some of the chic examples of maxi dress ideas at the end.

cropped-deep-v-neck-long maxi dress idea

  1. Fit And Comfy:

Most of the long dresses do not go well with short figure and can end up making you look swamp and short. The best trick to get it right is to choose a maxi dress with a perfect cut. Get a maxi dress that fits perfectly to the figure of your body especially at the thighs and hips.

Kendall Jenner long maxi dress

  1. Choose A V-neck:

A V-neck maxi will show more of your skin which in return will make you look leaner and taller. This trick is also suitable for women with pear shaped body.



  1. Add Heels:

Since you want to look stylish and long with the maxi dress, one good choice to achieve it is to wear heels. Pumps and stilettos are two choices with the heels. Make sure you show some of the shoes and select the right maxi length. It should not be very long or very short.

Cara Delevingne long maxi dress

Virgos Lounge Tiffany Embellished Off Shoulder Maxi Dress idea1.15

  1. Select Right Prints And Details:

Since you have a short height, you have less part to show and your short stature cannot bare a lot of fluff, a good option of maxi dress is to choose solids. Make sure you work strategically with the prints.

Miranda Kerr printed sexy maxi dress

When it comes to maxi dress colors, opt for dark shades such as chocolate brown, black and navy blue as this will help you appear taller. Another choice is to choose the colors that are similar to the tone of your skin as they can also make you look a little taller than original.

When it comes to prints, then the best choice for you is to opt for slim and vertical prints. Make sure the prints scale perfectly to the frame of your body,

Have a look at some of the gorgeous examples of celebrity style maxi dress ideas for any occasion below. don’t forgot admire Gigi in gorgeous Black Maxi dress…

Celebrity Style Maxi Dress Ideas

gigi hadid backless black maxi dress idea1.20


White Double Slit Sexy Maxi Dress

white Slit Sexy Maxi Dress

white Slit Sexy Maxi Dress1.6

gemma coral plus size maxi dress idea1.2

long sexy maxi dress idea1.1

long sexy maxi dress idea1.8

long sexy maxi dress idea1.9

long sexy maxi dress idea1.10

long sexy maxi dress idea1.14

long sexy maxi dress idea1.21

MAC Duggal White Double Slit Sexy Maxi Dress

plus size white Sexy Maxi Dress

Sexy Halter Draped Gold Belted Yellow Jersey Maxi Dress1.5

Sexy Shadow Stripe Maxi Dress idea 1.12

long sexy maxi dress idea1.3

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