Athletic outfits are becoming a hot trend now and a lot of people are taking this trend to the streets. Side striped pants are one of those athletic pieces that people love wearing, even outside the gym or sports club. If you know how to wear side striped pants the right way, you can definitely get some beautiful and chic looks. Have a look at styling tips mentioned below to wear side striped pants in style.

Side Stripe Pants 20

    1. With Solids:

Side striped pants are very casual but you can balance off look and give your outfit a sense of sophistication with the help of a sold colored top. This will merge the sporty look of the pants with the classic look of the shirt. Complete the look with lace-up sandals or pumps for a summer inspired look.

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    2. Bright:

Side striped pants usually come on solid colors which can be black, brown or gray. If you want to give a lively contrast to these boring and dull colors then pair your favorite pants with bright choices such as sweaters and tops. How about a red tank top with black and white side striped pants?

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    3. Go Formal:

You might be thinking that wearing side striped pants as a formal outfit is impossible because of their casual and sporty look but it’s not. Side Striped pants can be a perfect alternative to skirts and trousers that you are tired of wearing again and again at the office. Pair your pants with a formal or button-down top and complete the formal look with classic pair of heels.

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    4. Go Feminine:

Since side striped pants are a sense of causality, the best options of tops you can wear with them are the ones with feminine touch. Pair your side striped pants with a lace top or shoulder less top for a cute combination with the sporty pants.

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    5. Go Sporty:

Last option is to wear side stripe pants in the way they are made to be worn. Sporty tops are a great combination to wear with side striped pants for a complete casual and street inspired look. You can add a little more drama to your looks by throwing on a sporty jacket on the top. This will amp up the casual look of the outfit and will give you’re a sporty chic vibe.

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These are some stylish and cute ways to wear side stripe pants. Have a look at some stylish examples of side stripe pants mentioned below.

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