Breezy, cute, soft and elegant silk tops are something that instantly gives you a cute vibe whether you wear them with something casual as jeans or shorts or you go fashionable with it. Silk has a beautiful flattering effect that makes it perfect for all body types. If you are planning to wear some silk then have a look at some classic tips and examples mentioned below.

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  1. Casual Chic:

If you want a comfortable choice with your outfit, it is recommended to pair your silk top with casual and comfy pieces such as denim shorts or jeans. Silk has the ability to flare around your body so in order to balance off the loose silhouette created by silk top, wear skinny jeans at the bottom. If you are not into skinny jeans and you prefer wearing loose jeans like baggy styles then one great tip is to give your waist some definition by tucking in the silk top. Complete the perfect casual look with the help of thong sandals or chunky boots.
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  1. With Skirts:

This choice is for the ladies who like more elegant and feminine touch in their style. As mentioned above, silk tops are a little voluminous so pairing them with some skinny choices such as tube or pencil skirts is the best choice but you can also go for other choices as well such as full skirts, pleated or accordion skirts.

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  1. With Dressy Bottoms:

This is another very easy way to look feminine and chic at the same time with the silk tops. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to pairing shorts and pants with silk tops. You can go for chic shorts, lace shorts, palazzo pants or straight leg pants and other types of dressy pants with the silk tops.

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  1. Silk On Silk:

Since silk is a comfy and a great fabric, so why not wear it from head to toe? This will not only maximize your comfort but also your style. Wearing silk top with silk bottom is probably one of the easiest ways to look more feminine, dressy and classic. For a summer inspired look, go for different shades for top and bottom or simply go monochrome if you like staying minimalistic.

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These are some cute ways to wear silk tops. Still confused? Have a look at some examples of silk tops mentioned below.

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