From the familiar ring called neck choker, stylish ladies were variations it an integral part of the low-cut necklines.

Unique fashion style with a highlight CHOCKER collar, which seemed reticent to “accidentally” get you even more sexy. Let us go through 6 ways you can get people to face ecstatic with choker style collar.

1. Tie scarf collar style choker
It is suggested by Selena Gomes. Where you need to go shopping for a choker neck shirt, just a small piece of cloth that you wrap up extremely well when combined with sexy cami dress.
Neck now not need anything any valuable jewelry in addition to a thin piece of tissue that voluptuous.

Tie scarf collar style choker

Selena sexy waist style scarf collar create Choker

2. Cut out shirt creating choker collar

It is suggested by teen star Kylie Jenner. A style very youthful, dynamic and have quite the personality.

Cut out shirt creating choker collar

The combination of these gaps balance: cut-out shoulders and crop-top style shirt, Kylie appeared with a fresh image and extremely energetic.
If you’re a fan of sports should not ignore this kind of shirt to present to the gym with a healthy fashion.

3. The concept of interallied between modern and classic

This is how Gigi Hadid combined its top choker-style jacket. A low-cut shirt collar choker and combined with the elongated jacket and cardboard is a wise choice. No need boast too plainly that you still get the sexy necessary.

The concept of interallied between modern and classic

And torn jeans, Gigi also showed quite strong out of ourselves. You can replace it with a pair of jeans trousers flared shape or a body hugging pants, our choices are extremely reasonable.

4. Very Sexy

That’s how Kendall Jenner wants soul into choker-style jacket. V low-cut shirt and leggings pants high probably have enough for the heat of her.
but the collar choker is interesting leisurely point on the overall outfit and nothing can alleviate the “hot” by the subtle gap.

very sexy

5. Warm with choker

Perhaps this is what the sister of the diva Beyonce, Solange Knowles wants to bring. Ton sur ton wool made her seem warmer, but the gap between the neck choker and thickness of plate portion of the shirt was enough to create spaces made her less than “stuffy”.

Warm with choker

6. Dynamic Choker

If the above makes your styles are unhappy because they are too sexy, then you will probably suit scarf choker style combined with liberal shirt below.

dynamic choker

Not too hard to make this style, just a shirt and a towel the same tone you can confidently walk around dynamic personality but still very feminine.

hope this article will be help you!