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Stylish Ways To Wear Polo Shirts For Men

As the summer comes, men start wearing typical jumpers, sweatshirts, vests and tees. But summer doesn’t really mean you have to look ordinary and sloppy just to stay cool. If you want to look amazing in the summers and also stay cool then one good choice for you is to go for polo shirts. Have a look at some of the chic ways to wear polo shirts this summer.

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Men Polo Shirt Ideas

  1. All White:

All white is a hot trend for men now days so why not adopt it for polo as well. Go for a classic white polo that has very less or no numbering or logos. Make sure it’s fitted well through your body and waist. What next? A pair of classic white chinos and white sneakers will look amazing. If all white doesn’t look good on your complexion then trade your white chinos with a stylish color in contrast and you are done.

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  1. Sporty Look:

As you know that a polo shirt is considered as an outfit for sports so pairing it with other sports essentials is a good choice. Team you favorite polo shirt with a cool bomber jacket and cropped trousers for a sports inspired look.

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  1. As A Shirt Replacement:

This is another very stylish way to wear a polo shirt. You can ditch your casual dress shirts in the hot days of summer and stay cool and stylish with the polo shirts. This can be a good option for those men who have to wear coats and suits. Simply throw on your coat over a polo shirt and make sure you tuck it in for a neat look.

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  1. Dress It Up:

For less formal events, you can swap your suits with the polo shirt as a top layer with dress pants. This is ideal for hot environments where you can’t stay calm wearing a thick blazer. While you can stick to basic colors and styles of a polo but for a fashion forward and daring look, make sure you experiment with different prints and styles.

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These are some of the stylish and cool ways to wear a polo shirts. If you think that you can wear a polo shirt in some other style as well then feel free to experiment. Remember that experimenting is the key to look great and different. Have a look at some of the classic examples of polo shirt inspired outfits mentioned below.

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