Retro Miniature dolls of the World’s famous Peoples

World’s famous people right in your bedroom. Isn’t it dreamy? Yeas but Debbie Ritter has successfully managed in doing this. She has allowed her own dreams to run wild and has created beautiful miniature dolls of few famous personalities. Debbie is a born artist, and as she says of herself; “I grew up with a […]


60 Sexy Pin up Girl Sketches: Sensual Art

Drawing sensual arts and sketches is something which is unique and can be made only by an artist. It gives the reference about the object which is to be depicted. Sketch drawing can be possible to make an estimate and accurate dimension which looks close to the original art or object. Many times it has […]


40 Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Polynesian tattoos mark to be an art of the ancient times, which is getting a lot of attention these days. The real Polynesian tattoos need you to go through a lot of pain and it is a real lengthy procedure to get these Polynesian tattoo designs. The Polynesian tattoo designs for men and women include […]


40 Easter Eggs Pictures and Wallpaper for desktop

Easter is one of the most important festivals as per Christianity. It is a holiday on which the rising of the Jesus Christ is celebrated. It is linked and assumed that on this day, Jesus emerges from the dead. It is subject to various customs and traditions which are observed around the Christian world. One […]


60 Beautiful and Creative Scratch board Art Examples

Scratchboard art is a type of a medium or technique which uses sharp type of tools for etching the white clay coated with ink. This technique is used to make impressions and images on the scratchboard. These can also be made with several type of multi layers so the pressure exerted on the tool used […]


40 Mind Blowing Doodle Art Examples

Doodling is a great way to pass your time during boring times, it also helps you to improve your art skills and help you find your passion. It also helps you to keep your mind relaxed while letting your hand do the thinking. Doodles portray your emotions, thoughts and creativity. There are some amazing doodle […]


35+ Very Creative Mixed Media Digital Artwork examples: Just Splendid!

Nowadays, the popularity of the creative digit art and designs are increasing as per the requirement of the technology that is readily available for everyone. Once the domain of the graphic designers is now becoming the common way for creating the artwork. Not any other medium will let the person for erasing the hundred times […]


30+ Exquisite work of Art Mother Earth! Digital and Traditional Paintings

We all use to believe in the power of the nature, water spirits, air things etc Now I don’t. But I still believe that we should respect nature and try to avoid things which can harm nature because we are a part of the nature and our existance is attached with it. If there is […]


35 Dragonfly Tattoo Designs for Girls

In today’s world of fashion and style, everyone wants to follow latest trend and enter the queue of fashionista. Tattoo making is becoming one of the craziest fashion trends among girls. These Tattoos are a symbol of women style and fashion. Sometimes they can be used as a symbol of love or harmony.There are a […]


35 Funny Caricatures of Popular Celebrities: Humorous Creativity

Celebrities are famous because of their work. Now days, the funny caricatures of popular celebrities are too popular because of the humorous creativity. A caricature is picture that amplifies or distorts the essence of any individual to make an easily identifiable image. These are the funny images of popular people or celebrities. Thus, the artists […]


30 Incomparable Art and Illustrations by James Bennett

The people are fond of art and illustrations, and if they see the portraits in some creative way, then it will be amazing for them. One of the best artists, whose works are popular is James Bennett. He studied art from the Bucks County Community College that is situated in Pennsylvania. After completing the studies, […]


30 Splendid Traditional Art Examples

[nextpage title=”Traditional Paintings 1″ ] Traditional art is the art which has been evolved from our culture and it has been produced using the manpower as its source and not the machinery. The art conveys the culture and the art of the maker, and all of it involves lots of human effort. However with modernization […]

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