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Tips increase height for ladies

Can not deny that any woman wants to own a pair of long legs, but not everyone owns a pair of feet as standard. So lucky, because they can thanks to the simple fashion tips to bring the desired effect.

Let us refer to the secret cheat the height of the stars below, you’ll notice the selection of costumes for modest physique is not as difficult as you may think.

Gigi Hadid – Nude color shoes

Look for a pair of shoes to your skin tone as same as possible, this nude color will make the end of the legs be extended to toe. This is advice by Gigi Hadid for her legs look long and want slimmer









Kendall Jenner – Plaid pants

So many woman are known ability to cheat height by plaid patterns. Plaid pants will create the illusion that your counterpart feel your legs look longer necessarily, especially when designers choose high waistband. Although ownership has long thin legs but Kendall Jenner still liked the plaid pants, their long legs make her even more endless.

Plaid pants

Plaid pants

Plaid pants

Plaid pants

Plaid pants


Olivia Palermo – Boots Higher than the knee

Lady fashion‘ – Olivia Palermo is a lot of fashionistas love and learn because she possesses extremely elegant style and luxury. Despite owning an ideal height, but this famous blogger there are tricks to make more perfect physique. One way is stretching her legs high boots over the knee option. Boots too slippery pillow color, tone base color will make legs look neat and longer, while directing attention to the upper part of the body.

Olivia Palermo - Boots Higher than the knee

Olivia Palermo - Boots Higher than the knee3

Olivia Palermo - Boots Higher than the knee4

Olivia Palermo - Boots Higher than the knee

Beyoncé – High Split Skirt

Beyoncé – owned body with pear-shaped with physique thighs to make her look pretty heavy. To remedy this, Beyoncé often choose high split skirt helps legs look long and more compact, it also creates a certain ventilation for clothes. She said it should not dressed too discreet, secret department makes pear shape look heavier.

Beyoncé - High Split Skirt

Beyoncé - High Split Skirt1

Beyoncé - High Split Skirt2

Beyoncé - High Split Skirt3


Kate Bosworth – flared trousers

Flared jeans as their favorite tube of Kate Bosworth, this design helps prolong her legs in absolute and helps balance the body. Flared jeans is one of the representative item for fashion trends 90s decade is ‘sweeping’ throughout the world stage. This type of clothing can not ignore if you want to cheat height costume.

Kate Bosworth - flared trousers

Kate Bosworth - flared trousers1

Kate Bosworth - flared trousers2


Hope this article will help you!


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