Today will bring you to “Tips keep lipstick fastness color“. I hope this article will provide tips or help the girls with lots you rewarding choice for beauty.

Using multiple layers of lipstick, exfoliate regularly, use a straw when drinking … that the long-lasting lipstick hold tips.


Tips keep lipstick color fastness 1

You should prepare for your lips in the following way: Peeling for lips using a toothbrush. For better results, can apply a little moisturizer.

Create one-liners

This is an effective way to help more durable lipstick but not recommended if your skin is very dry lips. In addition, the need to incorporate liner with lipstick colors that create harmony, not “fighting”.

Precise lipstick

Instead of applying directly, you should use a dedicated brush, spread a thin layer of lipstick all over her lips. When done, you should note that the corners of the lips are spread evenly.

Don’t drink water straight

Tips keep lipstick color fastness 2

Drink water even in the cup is one of the ways to make the most lip faded fast. Instead, you should use a straw.

Laminated carmine

Use a floor brush on the lips of many, not only to keep fastness  but also for the positive impact her thin lips.

Using a powder 


Tips keep lipstick color fastness 3

One other little trick you can try is to use blush to cover lips. After applying the layer of lip balm, color and shadow, powder, apply a little lipstick on the lips for longer.

Select the type of lip color fastness

There are many brands of high quality lipstick, you can find the kind of long-term effective, “lip stick” and keep the color.  lipstick is also a perfect choice for you.

Hope this article will help you!