Geometry is a big part that captures our life. The use of the same geometric patterns is made in our daily lives. The beautiful way our buildings, roads, public attractions are made are based on one or the other geometric pattern or shapes. Capturing these same patterns may not be difficult but representing them may cause trouble in a picture.

Charles de Gaulle Étoille Geometrical Architechure building

Let us look at few pictures successfully managing to distinguish the geometric patterns in our urban lives.


This image shows that how angles can be used in making our daily lives easy. The photographer has exceptionally used his exposure to capture this particular view of the pattern.


This particular shape that is the rectangular shape manages to provide the ample amount of attention to isolation of a subject. The photographer has very cleverly used this point to make the subject look individual without focussing on any other negative space.


The beautiful curve is standing out in the picture only because of the clever capture of the triangle supporting it. This particular photo stands out to look ambitious and the photographer managed a clever use of elevation to depict it.


The building is definitely filled with a wide set of rectangles but the photographer chose to break the stereotype way to show it. He chose a different angle altogether to depict it.


The rectangles have cleverly been inputted into the area to give the structure more professional look and the photographer has worked miracle in capturing the exact persona.


This is an image that is giving a look of the building to be in a motion. The angle that the photographer chose to capture the picture definitely needs the worthy appreciation.


This image is totally capable of winning hearts. The beautiful artistry that the photographer used here is amazing. He managed to capture all the rectangles in one frame may be with the help of wide lenses, and gave it a sleek and cute look.


This image depicts a closed atmosphere. Moreover it metaphor’s the emotion of closed knit community. Using elevation and manipulating the ISO the photographer made a beautiful notion of the picture.


Rectangles are always formal and capturing them with full focus on it makes it provide a full impact on the viewers.


The use of rectangles and the elevation in the picture gives it a professional and formal look to the picture. The photographer has used this particular depiction to bring out the extremely professional look in the picture.


The recurring display of these particular angles makes it look gorgeous in its own term. The photographer has used the major focus on these angles to make his picture look classy.


The concept of elevation used in this particular picture makes it stand out. The elevation used surely proves the concept of artistry the photographer has.

These particular images definitely manage to grab the attention of the viewers due to their beautiful depiction of geometric patterns. Capturing these geometric patterns in a frame and depicting them as a distinguished pattern.

Geometrical Building Architecture Examples

architecture lab geometric buildings

geometric architechure

geometric buildings Architechure1.1

geometric buildings Architechure1.2

geometric buildings Architechure1.3

geometric buildings Architechure15

guangdong museum geometric buildings Architechure1.8

heat-exchanger-vazecka-atrium-studio-geometric buildings Architechure1.7

la-tourette geometric buildings Architechure1

london geometric buildings Architechure1


Modular-Skyscraper-Tammo-Prinz-geometric buildings Architechure16


Financial District, San Francisco
Financial District, San Francisco

the hearst tower manhattan geometric buildings Architechure1

Titanic-Belfastgeometric buildings Architechure14