Now days, body con and different kinds of fitted pieces have ruled the fashion industry but still voluminous and stylish proportioned pieces are popular now. Floor-length and billowy trousers might look loose and shabby but wearing them right can lead to a perfect fashion statement. If you are interested in wearing billowy trousers the right way, then have a look at some of the stylish ways that can help you out.

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Ways To Wear Billowy Trousers

   1. GO Casual:

If you are a little petite then you have to take a lot of care while wearing billowy trousers as the wrong choice will make you look heavier. Since billowy trousers a little loud and statement making, make sure you balance their look by pairing them with casual tops such as crop top- graphic tee, tank top, etc.

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   2. With Fitted Tops:

If you think that crop tops will be too revealing for you then choose the fitted tops that will hide your body and will also define your shape well. There are a lot of options you can try with billowy trousers such as tucked in button down shirt or a knitted sweater.

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   3. With Voluminous Tops:

The rule of thumb in fashion says that loose and voluminous pieces should be worn with small and fitted pieces to balance the proportion. However you can try the new emerging trend and still look amazing if you try voluminous tops with the billowy trousers.

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   4. Monochrome:

If you do not want to catch all attention towards your billowy trousers then try picking the top in the same shade as the trousers as this will create an illusion of a jumpsuit or a dress. By this, your outfit will look more coordinated and sophisticated.

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   5. With Blazers, Jackets Or Coats:

If you are searching for the easiest way to dress up any outfit, then try throw on a stylish and classic blazer or coat over it. It can be of any material and color as long as its classic. A lot of celebrities are seen wearing blazers over their billowy trousers and tops to dress up a simple outfit. For a summer inspired look, try wearing printed blazers with printed billowy trousers and a plain top and you are done.

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These are some stylish and simple ways to look great and balanced in a billowy trouser. Have a look at some of the examples of billowy trouser outfits mentioned below.

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