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Stylish Chic Ways To Wear Women Neck Bow Tie to look Fabulous

Bow tie is an accessory which is mostly associated to men as it gives them style and class. But bow ties are not bounded to men only anymore. If you are among those women who like trying different fashion trends then bow tie is a great choice for you to look great. Let’s have a look at some of the stylish and chic ways you women and girls can wear a bow tie and look fabulous.

Bow Tie Women 3

  • With Suit:

Bow Tie Women 2

Suits are an emerging trend for women now days? Why not bringing a stylish addition to it with a bow tie? It can be a great alternative for those occasions where you do not feel like wearing the complete formal dresses with ties. If you think that suits and a bow tie is very formal for you, then simply swap the pants of the suits with shorts and you are done with a perfect street style.

  • In Prints And Colors:

Bow Tie for Women 1

As a guy, keeping a bow tie simple is a must thing but being a women you can always try different types of colors and prints for your bow ties to add a playful feel to your look. To show some feminine look, choose your bow ties in a bright color or with a funky print on it. It can also act as a statement piece and can add a touch of glamour to your casual outfit.

  • As A Necklace:

bow tie for women 1.0

If you think that wearing a bow tie in its proper way can be too formal for you, and you want to have something chic and casual with your street wear, then use your bow tie as a necklace or a choker.  This can also become a really nice and DIY thing for women who are always in search for fashionable things and changes.

  • Hippie Style:

Bow Tie for Women 6

Another interesting and easy way to wear a bow tie that can turn heads is to wear it as a hipster inspired outfit. Hippies are something who know exactly how to balance the cool and dapper. This is the reason why a bow tie is great thing that can blend easily with the hippie style. To get this look, grab your favorite jeans and pair then with a tee, a vest and a bow tie for an amazing hippie look.
These are some stylish ways to wear bow tie. Have a look at some examples of this emerging trend for your inspiration in the image mentioned below.

35 examples of Bow ties for Women

bow tie for women 1.1

Bow Tie for Women 4

Bow Tie for Women 5

big bow tie for women 1.0

bow tie for women with retro bob hairstyle

Bow Tie for Women 7

Bow Tie for Women 8

Bow Tie for Women 9

Bow Tie for Women 10

Bow Tie for Women 11

Bow Tie for Women 12

Bow Tie for Women 13

Bow Tie for Women 14

Bow Tie for Women 15

Bow Tie for Women 16

Bow Tie for Women 17

Bow Tie for Women 18

Bow Tie for Women 19

Bow Tie for Women 20

Bow Tie for Women 21

Bow Tie for Women 22

Bow Tie for Women 23

Bow Tie for Women 24

Bow Tie for Women 25

Bow Tie for Women 26

Bow Tie for Women 27

Bow Tie for Women 28

Bow Tie for Women 30

bow tie for women asos

Stripe Bow Neck Tie With Flower for women

Pastel Multi Bow Neck Tie

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