One of the most important wardrobe essentials every woman should have is a chambray shirt. A chambray shirt is also known as the denim shirt and is so versatile that you can pair it with a lot of different options for almost every occasion. Whether you are interested to attend a party or simply go casual, following are some of the tips and ways you can wear chambray shirt with style. There are also some great examples of chambray shirt outfits at the end so have a look at them.

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1. Dress Up Casual Chambray Shirt:

In order to achieve a chic style with the chambray, dress it up with a coat or blazer. Wearing a blazer, either simple or floral over the chambray is a really nice way to polish the simple casual look. You can also wear your chambray shirt with edgy miniskirt, palazzo pants or even with chic shorts. To complete the outfit, get a pair of classic strap sandals or pumps and you are done

2. With Colorful Prints:

If you want to anchor something that has got a lot of prints such as floral pants or striped skirts, then you can take help from the chambray shirt. Get a feminine look with some chic vibe and pair your favorite floral pants with chambray shirt. This is a really nice and casual outfit which is perfect for the walk in the city.

3. Denim On Denim:

This is also another interesting way to wear denim shirt. For a great and modern look, choose the denim which is in a slight different fabric wash than your shirt. The right way to wear denim on denim is to choose the denim shades in contrast. Choose a light shirt with dark denim for a neutral look.

4. With Leather:

This is another classic way to wear chambray shirt. You can easily add some edgy vibe to your simple denim shit by layering it over a chic and sophisticated leather trousers or leggings. A chambray shirt is a great way to dress down leather pants for causal days.

These are some simple ways to wear chambray shirts in casual style. Chambray shirts can also be worn in a classy and chic way for parties and offices. You only have to think of the ways to style them correctly. Have a look at some of the examples of chambray shirts and outfits mentioned below. ID/CoutureID/Celebrity Fashion/Fashion Finder/Leighton Meester/Theory Ashleigh/Miu Miu/Designer Shoes/Designer Clothing

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